I am Male, 36 Years Old, Played sports at a high level, Had alopecia as a child but always just patches on my head that would come and go, I could cover them by letting my hair grow a little longer. 

2010 I really pushed by body hard by entering a sports competition, I had a 13 week prep, Maybe 2 week after completion of the competition I noticed patches of body hair fallen out, Then a small piece  of my eyebrow, my beard had completely stopped growing. Within maybe 8 week I was completely AU. 

I unfortunately fell for every Con, Bought all the Gels, was sold the magic Pills, The Creams, Listening to horrible people who claimed to have the answers to fixing it if you purchased their snake oil etc. Like many on here I scoured the Internet looking for answers and would often spend 6hrs straight on this site looking for answers. 

Luckily enough after a year or so I was able to find acceptance and start to move on with my life, Which was incredibly hard since it completely altered how I looked etc.

Always being into health and fitness I tried the Auto Immune  diet, For me it was just too difficult, My Wife and I don't drink so we like to eat out and I found it very hard to enjoy nights out.

In 2013 I started to read up on Intermitting Fasting. The gist of the diet was simple, pick 8 or 6 hour window, Eat within these 8/6 hours, When the 8 hours have pass you go into a fasted state (No food, or drinks with cals) It was sold to me as a great way of staying trim and strict on a diet. After spending maybe 6 months or so on the diet I got back some body hair, Hair on my head etc, By 8 months in I was fully back. My brows, Facial Hair, BodyHair (Only thing I didn't Miss Much ha)

For some reason I did not connect the hair and fasting and after awhile I started to skip on the diet here and there. Until one year in Id changed my diet and I was no longer fasting anymore. 

Gradually I started to see the same spots again. I had patches in my beard, Body Hair, Hair on my arms stopped. I wasn't as crushed by this as I was the first time around, I spend a lot of time learning how to accept it but at the same time It did hurt, People asking if I was ok or peoples faces when they could see I was losing it again. 

From 2015 to 2018 or so I was pretty much AU.

My brother and I were always into fitness and Id become sluggish etc when he suggested I give the Intermitted Fasting another go. So in early 2018 I started again as a way to stay in shape. My window was 12 to 8pm, If I didn't eat in my window then I didn't eat. (unless you have health issues this is completely fine, Some people panic if they haven't eaten in a few hours, You can fast for few days with zero issues)

I first noticed hair kicking back in hard on my legs and Arms, I had other health issues such as inflammation in my legs and especially my back and hips, I noticed this had also fallen greatly. within 8 months I was back to somewhat normal. My hair is not as thick as the first time around, My beard is not as strong etc but I have full body hair, eyebrows (Very few lashes) I have facial stubble. 

it was then I made the connection to Fasting and my AU

Over time I started to find more about intermittent fasting, High level athletes like GSP were using fasting not just to look good but for also the insane health benefits that came with it. 

Basically humans as not suppose to be able to go to a fridge and gorge. Today people eat way way too much and the issues is the majority of what we eat is absolute junk anyway. By eating within a 6 or 8 hour window you give your body 18 to 16hrs of rest and repair, make new cells and recover from the toxins. 

I am of course on here with nothing to sell, Like so many I spend years of my life on here looking for answers and never really found them, The top person in the field of fasting and its benefits is Dr Rhonda Patrick. She has many podcasts and written articles that go deep into why Fasting can really help people who have health issues. My brother has used Intermediated Fasting now for 8 years. I know I will stay with this diet long term as its helped me with inflammation greatly and I just feel better in general. 

Just thought Id post my experience here. There is plenty of information on fasting but I would suggest Dr Rhonda Patrick

Thanks for the read :) 

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