I just added up all I spent last year on wigs and I am astonished how much I spent on lace front/mono tops and hand tied wigs. Trying to find "my style" , one that works for me.
Almost all were bought from the Internet. I tried wig stores near where I live. Horrible experiences. One lady in the salon/wig shop kept her wig selection in the "back" where the supplies were and cut it in the store room when I asked couldn't we do this in private. (I DO NOT like taking my wig off in public as I hold on to whatever hair I have left. Which ain't much...)
The other one I went to had wigs all over the wall on display heads. I asked about styles and colors. The sales lady told me the styles I liked would not look good on me. When I picked a Mono top out to try all she kept asking me was how much my insurance would pay. There were other customers in the shop looking too. ( For Prom extensions) Awful. I wanted to cry. I felt ashamed and stared at. I left and went home and bought yet another one from a website and crossed my fingers the color/style/cut would work.
Why do people run wig shops and act like that???
I am a 52 year old wife/mother/business woman and crying in public is another thing I do not like to do.
I work with the public everyday. Dealing with customers on a one to one basis and I need a wig that looks natural and real. It stays on my head 18 hours a day. I take it off after I brush my teeth and then get into bed.
So. I think I might be ready to begin saving and deciding what to get. The Gripper would probably work best here (the South) due to hot and very humid.
Any thoughts or ideas. I want to consider all options. Thanks for letting me vent.

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I think that if you are looking for European hair then the Gripper is a good bet . If you are looking to spend a lot less money I could give you 2 suggestions in the US-one is European hair but not a gripper-more a mono top with wefted sides and back-but not at all heavy and not a lot of heavy density.

The other is a lace with thin skin and Indian hair. I am a bit older than you and tend to wear my hair in a short style. Are you looking for long or short, sleek or with body? Send me a private message if you would like more info about these purchases.

I also bought the hand tied RW Applause, which is precut short and has Asian hair. At Namebrands it came in at about $390. The cap is amazing because it is hand tied, and it is also not dense or heavy so very comfortable in hot weather.(I have already had some hot days in Washington)

But the hair is Asian, non Remy so it falls into the category of "having body".When you set it on rollers the style stays firmly in those waves, but putting wave or style in with heat like a blow dryer or hot iron seems less successful. I have noticed that before with processed Asian hair. So perhaps not for you because you are in the business world all day and not switching between wigs and maybe the hair is not soft enough (or long enough) to be appropriate.

Also at less expense than the gripper-in the range of $2,000 are the companies in New York like Flora and Clarys-have you decided not to try that kind of long distance shopping?
Thank you for the reply! I have tried the RW wig in Upstage a hand tied cap and loved it. I had to have it trimmed though as my length falls somewhere around 1 to 2 inches below my jaw. I can't wear too long hair. Does not work on my face too well. I also tried the Gabor Next in Prodigy. But the hair seems rough to me. I want a look that flies under the radar so to speak. I want it to look nice but not extraordinary. If I get too many compliments I worry I look wiggy...my husband says I get waaaay too touchy about it (my hair).
I bought a human hair wig. But when I got it it was not what I had hoped. I can't find anyone who will cut it. I LOVED how it felt though. So soft and slightly wavy. When I had hair and before the grey's got me it was deep reddish brown and had a slight wave. I still look for colors that look lighter warm brown with highlights approximating grey. Ash blond. I will look at the RW Applause. I am not too talented in the hair fixing though. My daughter would despair that I could never manage french braids or blow dry help for her.. It looks the right length and the body part seems OK. Thanks again!
hey i seen the gripper i met with peggy knight it was beautiful hair! very exensive though like 4000 for a 12 " very very nice and peggy was sooo nice had such a nice office! the only thing was i really like silk tops they look much more natural on the top! and the gripper doesnt have a silk top also the cost id have to get a loan. well i would highly reccomend matt yeandle wigs!!! i just got mine i called him and got a in stock no glue stretch lace front with silk top virgin european 18"! it is sooooo beautiful the hair quality is just as good as the gripper but its virgin hair not dyed i absolutely love it and no glue or tape is necassary so i highly suggest him u could message me if u want i'll give u the link and i'll post pics soon!
Hi Liz,
I just received my Gripper from Peggy Knight Solutions. I live in a hot climate myself and it is so nice and cool. I have only worn vacuums for the past 12-15 years so this is quite a nice change for me - it is so much cooler than the vacuum. I purchased a 12" inch piece with extra density so that added a little more to the cost so it came to about $4k. The hair is gorgeous, and the cap inside has some silicone around it that keeps it secure. It was costly for me , but no more expensive than a vacuum so I am used to it, but it is really so worth it to me. Send me a message if you want to talk more about the Gripper - I would be happy to tell you my experience with it so far. Best of luck to you.
Hi Liz. This is Shelly from Connecticut. I saw your post on Alocpecia World and it caught my interest as I am looking into purchasing the gripper secure. I see you have had it since the end of May. Can you tell me what your thoughts are since you have now had it for a while? I'm anxious about the cost so want to be sure it's the right piece. Thank you for sharing.

Did you hear back? I am interested in the Gripper as well. Or a hair piece that looks like my real hair and is not so much hair.

I am interested in the Gripper can you tell me if you still like it and how did you go about getting fitted, haircut etc. I do have a great salon that has cut in the past because the wigs are too much for me.



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