if money wasnt an issue which wig/hair replacement would you think is the absolute best choice? thoughts?

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I've been very happy with Amy Gibson's wigs for the past 10 years -- the hair and the caps work extremely well for me.  Follea is also good -- I had a Follea for about 3 years -- but I feel that their hair tends to be flat on me (this is just me, other people have very different experiences).

Other folks swear by Freedom Wigs, Flora, and there are several others.  It really depends on what you're looking for in terms of the type of hair and cap.

If you find a wigmaker that you like, you can have virtually everything customized - type of hair, density, cap, etc.  After that, an excellent hairdresser for cut and/or color makes a huge difference.  I like to color and highlight my wigs and get them styled so that they look right for and on me.  I think it's beyond rare to get a wig that you can wear out of the box without taking it to a stylist for a cut.

thank you for your reply. Do you know of any good places for a topper? this is all so overwhelming. It must be such a relief when u find something that actually works. 

With the exception of Freedom Wigs, I believe you can get toppers from any of the vendors above - Amy Gibson, Follea, Flora.  Not everyone advertises toppers on their websites, but you can definitely call and talk to them about it.  I know for sure that Amy does toppers and Follea at least used to make them (I'm assuming that they still do).  I'm pretty sure that Flora does.  

The thing to remember about toppers, though, is that they will only cover the top of your head and you will need to clip them in.  Using clips can cause hair loss since clips add weight to the hair to which they are clipped.  Whether to use a topper depend on your type of hair loss and your personal preference.

yes thank you. this really sucks. i wish there was an easy fix to it. thank you for your help. I appreciate it.

Hi 123me!

I hear your frustration, and I might be able to give you a solution.

My store is listed here on the AW Marketplace. Go here http://www.alopeciaworld.com/notes/Naturally_Yours_Boutique click to be taken directly to the store. Click on "Wigs". Hopefully,you will find a hair piece that calls your name.

I am here to help assist you with any questions you might have about our products. Simply contact me and I'll be happy to help.


thank you. i will go check it out!


Also, if you use glue, tape etc. to hold your wig down, those days can be over for you because now there's a NEW product called "Wig Griper hair band" it's a soft comfortable velvet head band that "holds" your wig in place without using harmful glues and tapes and without your wig slipping off.

Did you know that the chemicals used in glues and tapes actually seeps into your skin which will eventually cause "other" problems?

Check out the wig griper here>>> https://store.naturallyyoursboutique.com/collections/wigs/products/...

Hope this helps.

StarShemya, wig grippers are not new, they've been around for a long time and sold by lots of vendors for years, including Wilshire Wigs, Wigs.com, the list goes on.  Also, chemicals in tape and glue do not "seep into your skin" and "cause other problems."  Some people might be allergic to certain adhesives -- that's a different issue.  But it's irresponsible and wrong of you to spread false science or trying to inspire fear in a potential customer so that they will buy your particular product.  

Hello Stacie!
I 'heard' frustration when you made the statement, "But it's irresponsible and wrong of you to spread false science or trying to inspire fear in a potential customer so that they will buy your particular product."

I would like to know, why was it alright for you to share wig brands and information with 123me and not me? Why would you say, I was wrong?

One thing that you said, is that toppers have to be clipped on, and however, the clips can cause hair loss...and with that statement, you really didn't offer
her any other solutions...what else was she to do? In fact, she stated, "this really sucks. i wish there was an easy fix to it."

She already felt overwhelmed with the whole experience of having to find a wig/topper that would fit her needs.

And yes, you are correct, I am in business--the hair business. However, I am also in the 'people business', and Stacie, the 'people business' is where my passion and heart is.

If you 'heard' what I was sharing with 123me, I was actually giving her a solution and information that could be helpful to not only her, but also others. Isn't that what this forum is about?

I invite you to take a look at my profile. I've been in the hair business for a very long time. I specialized in natural hair care for many many years and have recently retired from 'doing hair,' now I
blog about hair and sell my very successful Beautiful Hair Products and wigs.

The statment that I made to 123me is true. Glue and tape DOES seep into your skin and can cause many 'other health problems.' But you don't have to take my word for it.

Following is an excerpt from an article, along with the link to the complete article on the internet.
Is Hair Glue Hazardous To Your Health? http://blackdoctor.org/4089/is-hair-glue-hazardous-to-your-health__...

"Glue extensions, or double sided tape, are often used with popular lace wigs. Unfortunately, they can cause damage that is often permanent. The glue can block your scalp pores and damage your hair follicles as well as burn and dry out your hair. Heavy extensions pull on your scalp resulting in thinning hair. It is difficult to clean your scalp with glue extensions in it creating unhealthy hair. Sometimes hair extensions can cause headaches and bald spots.
Hair bonding glue contains high concentrations of soluble latex antigen and may cause anaphylaxis without mucosal contact. Repeated glue exposure may potentially sensitize consumers. Physicians, cosmetologists, and latex-allergic patients should be aware of bonding glue-induced immunoglobulin E-mediated reactions associated with hair alterations."
...to continue reading the article, click here>>> http://blackdoctor.org/4089/is-hair-glue-hazardous-to-your-health__...

Once again, here is the link to my online store where you will find the "Wig Griper Soft & Comfortable Velvet Adjustable Wig Griper Hair/Headband">> https://store.naturallyyoursboutique.com/products/wig-griper-hair-band


Jacquelyn, I'm kind of curious as to where you're getting your wigs.  I don't understand what you mean by replacing them quickly or frequently.  My human hair wigs typically last 2 years (my last one lasted closer to 3, incredibly), and I'm wearing them for 12-14 hours per day.  They look gorgeous.  I only replace them when I feel that the netting inside is beginning to lose its elasticity.  Generally, for a good quality wig, 2 years is about right -- for example, Follea guarantees their wigs for 50 washes (which comes to every 2 weeks -- so 2 years).  I could understand replacing more quickly if you're wearing a full lace unit.  (I wouldn't wear full lace since it's not comfortable for me.) Also, I definitely don't have to spend hours styling my hair.  I get it washed and blown dry by my stylist every 2 weeks and the style holds up very well in the interim.  At best, all I do is run a brush through the wig in the morning, and it looks great.

where do you get yours?

when you say be replaced quickly what exactly do you mean? is it weeks or months?



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