i've had bursitis in my hips for over 10 yrs now, and an ortho once told me alopecia causes joint problems.. I now have had shoulder pain for about 3 weeks and am going to get it looked at this week as i think it may be bursitis.. anyone know if there is any truth to what he said??

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Im not sure Christine, but I might have some form of arthritis which is common with people that have psoriasis (Psoriatic arthritis) I think my Doctor also said Crohns can cause arthritis pain so Im sure Alopecia could be connected. I think a lot of these autoimmune diseases are related some how.
Hello Christine!
I was recently treated for right shoulder pain by my internist. I had severe pain at night, couldn't sleep on my right side and when I quickly lift that arm, OMG!!! the pain is excruciating. Doc didn't say that it was connected to alopecia and he did call it a form of bursitis or joint inflammation. I got a healthy shot of lidocaine and then some sort of cortisone. That was two weeks ago and after the initial soreness of the needle pushed deep in my shoulder joint, I feel much better. Certain positions are not comfortable but that stabbing pain is gone...hopefully for good.
I hope the best for you. I recommend the cortisone shot. You will feel better in a week if your doctor is as skilled as mine was with that long needle.
Take Care,
thanks guys!!! i have to wait 2 more weeks to get in to my reg doc. then hopefully i get in to an ortho soon after.. oh shots!! ugh.. i had them done in my hips.. not looking forward to my shoulder.. but if it helps.. this is really painful.. like hurts all day!! im glad im not alone.
Yes, for me, it's all a vicious cycle. I was diagnosed with thyroid disease, then psoriatic arthritis, and then the hair started falling out. However,I know some people who have the same issues and no alopecia and some with alopecia and none of the others.



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