Hello there

I have just been diagnosed with Alopecia Areata in the last 2 weeks.

In that time the bald patch is getting bigger every time I wash my hair.

It is now starting to thin around the front as well.

What a shock this has been!!!

I have been very stressed out at my work and I am now off sick, trying to recover and de stress.

That is hard when every day more hair is falling out.

It has been an emotional roller coaster.

I am 52 so I'm not too vain about hair falling out. I have been going around with my bald patch showing.

My emotions are all over the place though :(

I saw my hairdresser and she adviced me not to cut my hair as it is quite long.

Now I'm starting to worry that I might have to go for the chop!

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I know how you feel I am 32 and just got diagnosed with this 3 weeks ago. 

Mine came on very suddenly since mid march to now and I have 11 different spots/patches on my head. 

I onl realised how bad it was once I had a haircut! so was too late to put it back to cover up the spots, Luckily when I go out I use hair fibres to cover up the bald spots and it's pretty good at covering them up and makes me feel less self concious when I'm out. 

Have you seen a dermatologist to see what they think and possible treatments? 

Hello awooga

Yes I have seen my GP and had blood tests done which were all OK.

I have been prescribed Dermovate and Eumovate steroid creams to use.

She said I could be referred on to a Dermatologist if it does not improve.

She also said not too take too long off work as it is much harder to go back the longer you take off.

As that is the cause of most of my stress I cant begin to think about going back!

My hairdresser has said not to go back either.

It is an added stress though every time I wash my hair when you see clumps falling out.

That is the only time my hair is falling out but I have to wash my hair every couple of days.

I have just felt completely burnt out recently.

I'm so sorry to hear you are in the same position.

Do you think stress is the cause for you?

To be honest, I have no idea why mine came on as when I first noticed it I wasn't feeling overly stressed or feeling any different from normal so in my case I don't think it's stress related but I have read stress can be a factor for some people. 

I think a dermatologist is probably going to be of more help than a GP mine referred me straight away but hopefully, the creams they prescribed can help you out. My derm has put me onto prednisolone tablets to try and slow everything down for 5 weeks then I go back to see them.  

I also notice a lot of hair strands comes out in the shower which is a bit alarming at times.

I agree with not spending too much time away from work if your hair is long enough to cover up the spots more than likely people will not notice I think because we know they are there and constantly look at them we think everyone else will. As I mentioned I feel less self-conscious when I use the hair fibers to cover up the patches my family said you can't notice at all when I use them. 

But I understand how you feel it is a very frustrating condition! 



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