Two months ago my life was amazing, don't get me wrong its still amazing, but I didn't have the stress I now face everyday. They say stress is the root to all your problems and bad for your health, but how can one not stress when there facing a problem and, when I say facing I mean really facing a problem. It all started in August, I was combing my hair when my husband notice a bold spot on my scalp. I was in denial and made him take a picture of it. My first thought was oh I must of used something not agreeing to my scalp I mean it was the size of a dime. Stoking my new friend and taking daily pictures, I notice it was getting larger as the days past. I went to see my family practice doctor and he ran every autoimmune test there was and nothing came back. One month later I had 3 more little friends with the original one now the size of a sand dollar. I started getting injection of steroids and now I can say Mars is living on my neck, (atrophy) became the new thing, so no more injections for me. Here today ( November 21, 2015) I now have at least 7 bold spots ( no longer friends of mine) all growing with the diagnose of ALOPECIA. So my question is, when do I start looking for a wig? Because at this rate less then three months my hair has thinned out so much and the spots are only getting bigger. My stress level is a little high, see I work full time at a hospital and face people everyday, and working in a hospital with missing hair well your pretty much judge already I mean come on hospital + balding spots = your sick, or something is wrong with you. Thanks for reading my short story.


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Thank you Aimee, I'm starting to realize that. Its a hard process and everyday its a struggle especially when I look in the mirror everyday to see if new spots are there or older ones are getting bigger. I pray to God everyday, my faith lays in his hands. My husband has begin growing his hair out and said he will make a wig for me ( totally cute, and yet sad at the same time). I just try to look at it like this, I could be losing my hair because of chemo from cancer, or that I am healthy and just have alopecia, I pick alopecia.

Hi Cathy,

I myself have just been diagnosed with Alopecia.  I am 24 year old girl and I know exactly how you are feeling. I think Alopeica is different for everyone and so unpredictable which makes it so infuriating.  I got diagnosed 2 weeks ago and lets just say my hair loss has been extremley rapid. I am not stressed, completely healthy diet so I have gone down the route to getting my iron, hormone, red and white blood cell levels checked to try and pin point what is going on.

My advice to you is that if you can, go ahead and do your research in wigs/hair pieces.  This is what I have done and I just purchased my first wig on Friday.  It has been an extremely heartbreaking experience for me as I had lovely long brown hair and it was my pride and joy :( but the feeling of getting a lovely human hair wig matched to my hair colour, density and just a little bit shorter, the confidence i felt was unbelievable.

I know everyone is different so another thing you could try to try and disguise your bald spots would be the use of hair fibres.. i used these for the first week and they do work but as I said my hair was falling out so rapidly i could no longer disguise.

If you ever want to contact me to share experiences please do :) 

Keep smiling xo

Buy one wig now because even if you just lose most of your hair and it grows back within a year or two (which is very common with alopecia) you'll still want a wig to cover yourself when most of your hair is out. I was unlucky and got AU so that could happen to you too. What helped me personally was not being in denial and realize you could lose all of your hair, but just hope that you don't. Either way, life definitely goes on. After a year and a half of having alopecia and 8 months of being bald, it's 5% of the stress it once was when it began. :)



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