AU going on 12 years, and ever since it started I've never felt the same (putting psychological stuff aside) - I mean physically the same. It seems fatigue hit at the same time as AU for me. And I've been tired as hell all the time. It was a struggle to finish school, and it's a struggle to work efficiently. I have joint pain and mild psoriasis in addition to AU, so other stuff might be going on. I've had multiple blood tests (lupus, RA, thyroid, etc., etc.) and doctor's haven't been certain about the results in terms of a diagnosis beyond AU. Psoriasis was confirmed very recently, a few months ago, with biopsy - and the joint pain and fatigue may be indicative of psoriatic arthritis. 

I've just been wondering though, does anyone else in this community deal with crippling fatigue? How do you cope with a lack of energy? It's hard to get out and exercise, which I know can help. Sometimes I feel like I'm underwater, trying to get to the surface for air, but I keep sinking and sinking no matter what I try. 

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It is often exhausting after a day of intense work and stress. At this time, we need to find ways to relieve fatigue, relieve stress, and relax the body and mind. This is important for physical and mental health. Here is a small series of ways to ease your fatigue and stress.
1, face accelerate metabolism.
2, to relax the muscles.
3, wash a comfortable warm bath.
4, timely supplement the body needs nutrition.
5, to maintain adequate sleep to restore energy loss.
6. Appropriate entertainment can relax.

Hi Moonbeam(I like your screen name)

i have fatigue big time... I don’t know how old or circumstances of your life So please take my suggestions with a grain of salt.  

I drink coffee in am then no other caffeine 

i go to bed at same time and get out of bed roughly same time... I set routine on my apple I phone. 

Be carefull with drama and your friends and family who drain you

Exercise dailey do something move but never over do and start slowly... 

rest after exertion or exercise literally if you exercise 60 min come home and rest .... read , nap, what ever build up to Dailey movement and continue to rest after exercise 

go on a rest and exercise spree..... beyond working do nothing else for a week or 2 or 4

dont make messes u have to clean up.

get outside and smile

good luck

I was also feeling fatigued when I was losing mine.  It was because my body was fighting this intolerance. Here's my story.I went and had an allergy test ran and my whole life I didn't know that I was allergic to anything. Well it turns out that I had an egg white intolerance so it is causing inflammation on my scalp and causing my hair to fall out. I went to about 20 different doctors including dermatologist and they all said that it was alopecia areata without doing any tests. I finally went to a small-town doctor and they ran an allergy test and said that I was intolerant to egg whites. Well I was eating cartons of egg whites every week not knowing that I was intolerant because I had no other symptoms. I had no stomach problems I didn't get nauseous I had zero other symptoms. So I quit eating egg whites and all of my hair and immediately came back. It took about 4 months to get it back to it's original state, but here I am with a full head of hair and absolutely no loss, been growing hair for 9 months no problems since cutting out eggs. Anyway I came back hoping I could help at least one person.  This helped me. But my allergy numbers were extremely low.  .07 on a scale up to 100. So the intolerance could have been easily missed,  but my small town doctor found it.  

amazing! I KNOW something is going on for me whether it's an intolerance or a hormone imbalance. My doctor is so useless and won't help me find answers. I'm thinking of switching doctors or just going to a walk-in clinic and getting referrals to an immunologist and a endocrinologist.

Yeah I went to an immunologist and an endocrinologist and about 20 other different doctors. The best bet in my case was I just went to a small town family doctor they did an allergy test through my blood. And then they looked at the results I was at .07 on a scale of 100 for egg whites. I was eating whole cartons of egg whites every week and I never knew that I was intolerant. So when you get your results of an allergy test I would ask for a copy and then you can look at all the numbers and see if you have anything that is a little bit elevated. If it is elevated stay away from those Foods.

I have been to three dermatologists and primary care too.  I do have slight asthma, and years ago tested for allergies but was told I handled them well, but I believe my alopecia is from allergies too.  I was also very fatigued when mine started.  I need to have another testing for allergies.  I honestly cannot believe the doctors we visit, and how lax they are to get to the bottom of why we have alopecia.  My scalp hurts now.  

Yeah my scalp would hurt too. And that is not typical for Alopecia areata the type with the immune disease. The family doctor that I went to,  I could tell that her heart was in it because she actually went home and made me essential oil concoctions to help with hair growth,  she made them herself and gave them to me for free.  I didn't use them but that was nice of her.  I could tell she really wanted to help me.  My numbers were really low for eggs.  A .07 on a scae of 100. She said that was enough to cause sone problems. If I were you of get the allergy test.  Get a copy of the results and then do my own research on how the numbers should be.  

I had a blood drawn allergy test if that helps.  Also you could try cutting the major allergens out of your diet for a while and see what happens. It takes a few months.

i certainly will get the allergy testing done.  I have already cut out gluten. Wish me luck. Thanks for the info. 

Yes, I also have extreme fatigue,  in fact, I will have to write you tomorrow as I am simply too tired to even think straight today,  it is awful!

Hello Moonbeam,  I too suffer from crippling fatigue.  I just found out that my ANA titers show that I possibly have Lupus.  This could certainly be the cause of my terrible fatigue as well as hair loss.  I see that you have tested for autoimmune diseases.....these are so very hard to pin down.  I would continue to pursue this if I were you.

I would not even try to exercise right now—the doctor said that I must rest until I have some strength back and only then can I think about exercise,

I try to pace myself self during the day, but it is very difficult and I still get very tired,

Good luck to you.

I'm sorry to hear this Bubbles. Yes, many autoimmune diseases can cause fatigue, as can the medications currently prescribed to treat them. I find it is the hardest to deal with, more so than no hair. Especially when working full time and knowing there's tons of stuff that needs to get done. I keep running routine blood tests - Though I suppose PsA could be the culprit. 



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