Looking for advice on a first wig, tips for care, where to look, etc.

Okay, so I have been living with Alopecia Areata for quite some time now (roughly 4 years) and it has recently gotten to the point where the patches are no longer easily hidden. A majority of the right hand side of the back of my head is gone, and I've lost a section in the front where I was parting my hair. It hadn't ever bothered me terribly but as the spots become much larger and more noticeably it's been a blow to the self-esteem (I recently had a women in a museum ask me if I had shaved a '4' into the side of my head because of the way the patches look, needles to say I was off-put). 

Anywho, I've been looking into lace front wigs, and I'm extremely interested. Partly so I can go about my day without constantly worry whether or not a spot is showing and also for the fun of changing hairstyles. However, I am naturally a redhead and I would really like to keep as close to my natural color as possible, it's sort of my signature among friends and family. ;) Any fellow gingers have advice on the best shades of red for wigs? I think the combination that matches my color the closest is a 27/30/33 blend. 

Another thing that comes with being a redhead is that I am also quite pale and freckle-faced. As I look for wigs, most of the stock wigs and colors are laced in shades for African-American women (light brown, brown, etc). I was wondering if the front lace color is a problem for pale skin and where I can find transparent lace wigs online.

Along with that, I would love some basic advice on things like: maintenance, your favorite online stores for reasonably priced (Something that could be affordable on a college student budget) lace front wigs, transitioning to wearing a wig (how to explain it to friends, feeling comfortable, etc), and whatever else a first-time wig shopper would need to know.

I know this is a lot, so I thank anyone in advance who takes the time to read and respond. :)

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Hello Kimi,
I am glad to give the information about lace front wig. You can visit our online website for more. lace front wigs are not only for hair-loss sufferers but these Wigs are designed for everyone who doesn't want to be an hair-loss sufferer using special chemicals. Suffering from hereditary baldness or have thinning hair? Full lace wigs provide a natural-look of hair for any woman.

lace front wigs is created with a sheer lace base that covers the whole head. A front lace wig is similar to a full lace wig, except it doesn’t have the flexibility of the full lace wig.The base of the lace front wig isn't made of lace, just like the case with a full lace wig, but rather it is made of a thicker material. The lace is stitch into the top of the wig cap and then separate hairs beach are stitched into the lace.
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Hello Kimi,

Lace front wigs are not only worn by the people with hair-loss but also these wigs are designed for any who wants change hairstyle without doing harm to their own hair. I would like to share some information about lace front wigs, It may be better to visit our website for more details.

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If it's your first wig you should be very careful and never forget to care about it. You need to wash it like normal hair, but use a lot of hair conditioner, after washing I usually use a flat iron, its enough to put it on lowest or medium temperature to don't damage it so much, it still will work and straight very good. You can look at reviews on Monica's blog and choose with better temperature for you. Also, you can try to use different oils after washing it gives minerals for hair and make its life longer. 

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