Hello. First post. I have had alopecia for about 5 years. My eyebrows are completely gone and was thinking about microblading. Seems to be mostly women do this and not guys but I have seen some guys done that looks pretty decent. Was wondering if anyone had some pics of theirs maybe so I can show what I'm looking for. Thanx in advance.

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Hey Mark.  I had mine done last April and then the follow up in September.  It's supposed to be 1-3 years before I have to go back.  I'm in Illinois and had it done by Erin Golightly at Permanent makeup by Erin in Naperville.  Before having them done, I was drawing them in and thinking about how they looked constantly.  Now, I don't have to think about them at all.


Hi Mark,

I'm a woman and just had mine done, but the studio I went to does it on guys all the time (they call them "guy-brows").  They do a really great job and there's a ton of cool examples of their work on their instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/p/BSnPaPWA1hJ/?taken-by=shaughnessy 

I LOVE my microbladed brows - they gave me what they call "perfectly imperfect" brows which makes them look a lot more natural and might be a good idea for a guy so they don't look so manicured.  

Works well...It made a difference and people stopped staring, although that didnt really bother me.. but its nice just to blend in and stand out a bit less.

Start with a subtle look which you can build on in the next years or moths with further top ups if needed. Make sure the eyebrow tats are not too high or arched like female eyebrows as male eyebrows sit a bit lower. Lower brows seem thicker as they merge with the eye socket and lower brow bone shadows a bit more for a more 3 look.. I've had mine done and very happy with the results.

Also study your old pictures to see how you eyebrows looked and try to get a similar shape. Although I advise going for a slightly neater /groomed look rather  trying to replicate the bushy look which can look a bit obvious. Study pictures and look at masculine shaped eyebrows that aren't bushy and bring pics to your appointment. Terence howard has nice masculine yes subtle eyebrows. For the white equivalent look at a young michael keaton. I used be an illustrator so i studied this a bit as you can see :)

My advice is to find something subtle low + very slight or medium arch for men. Also do your research find a good artist and study their work..

It felt good getting the tattoos. like fighting back against alopecia even though it gets easier its nice to feel that way and get some confidence and a little bit of my old self back and recognise myself in the mirror again :)

Go for it.. you'll feel better


Thank you. I went for. Day 5. Starting to recognize myself again

great! hope it gives you some peace of mind. it helped me settle and feel a bit more like me again. In the first few days they will be quite dark but will fade in nicely in the first couple of weeks or so.. take care 

I had an awful experience almost two years ago. I went to a salon, and I wasn't interested to see any of their work, so after I finished the session, the lady told me to wait two days for the result to be completed. Even after three weeks, my eyebrows were green and looked disgusting. That's when I started to search for how to remove microblading. Of course, there were some options, but I made sure I saw some of their work this time, and I read every feedback I could find. That's why to be careful where you do them.



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