I hope I am not out of line by posting this but I feel this is a great opportunity to get the word out about alopecia. There is a radio station here in Dallas having a contest called the March Baldness Contest. There are 64 contestants, two to a bracket. My 18 year old daughter who is AU has kept this a secret from everyone, even if it meant not being their friend anymore. She started loosing her hair at the age of 15. So when her older sister convinced her to enter this contest I was extremely surpised so I want her to win the contest so that something possible has happened because of her alopecia. There are only two girls in this contest the others are of course men. The radio station keeps urging listeners to go vote for your favorite bald MAN. This makes we want my daughter to win even more. So now I ask you to please go to the link below and vote for my daughter Eillischa, she is in bracket 16. She has "Bald is Beautiful" painted on her head.There are four rounds before the winner is announced. The voting on this bracket ends March 19, 2010. This is a legit contest and not a scam. Please go to the site and vote even if you chose not to use my link below. Spread the word, tell your friends. I will keep you posted on her progress!

I thank you all in advance!


Mansfield, TX

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This is so cool! Thanks for sharing it. I just voted. Good for her!
Eillischa has advanced to the second round. Voting started today and ends March 23rd at 5pm CT. She is in bracket 8 for this round. I want to thank all of you who have voted for her. I believe that by her entering this contest she is on the right track to acceptance of her condition. I would give anything for her to have her own hair back but seems that the more time passes the chances of that get slimmer. I would also like this contest to help get the word out about alopecia. I feel there are alot of people in our area with it her age but no one wants to talk about when they are teenagers and this radio station thinks that only bald men are beautiful!

Thanks all!
Eillischa has made it to round 4! Everyone got to see how beautiful she was last night and now consider her major compitition and the others are working really had to eliminate her this round. Please go vote for Eillischa.


Most people do not know what alopecia is, so lets get the word out!

Thanks to all who read and to those who go vote!!!!

Congratulations to her for making it so far! I can see from the poll that the guy with the braided beard who is in her bracket right now is way ahead of her...EVERYBODY please vote.

What was the event last night?

Thank you so much for voting!! The radio station held a Night Ranger concert at Gilley's in Dallas where the yhad to get on stage and talk. Those at the concert were each given one ticket to vote for their favorite. It was so great for Eillischa. She NEVER lets anyone see her without her wig, eyebrows and eyelashes just perfect so this was a new experience. Eillischa walked out that place like she owned it, I have not see her that confident in herself in three years. She was very impressive which I believe has scared the guys, they want her out. I want this to be such a positive experience for her.

Thank you so much for your support! I will keep this updated when the next bracket comes out. Next round will be 2 brackets, 4 contestants then 1 bracket and 2 contestants. Winner will be announced April 2.

Please spread the word!! I have attached a picture of her with some of the other contestants.
Hi Teresa,

Shout out today in the Bald Girls Do Lunch blog here .

You might want to edit your original post because the link in it is no longer active. You can keep updating that link with "edit" as they change.

join our list at baldgirlsdolunch.org
Thanks for putting on the BGDL site, Thea.

Everyone - send a message to your AW friends with the link to this blog, and maybe to your non-AW friends, too.

This is so wonderful! Please tell her how proud we are of her. The photo is great!

As I've said before, I think the whole issue of women being free to choose to be bald in public is really an issue of equal rights. This is a perfect example! These men are being celebrated for looking "handsome" bald. What Ellischa is doing is another step in breaking down the barriers to public acceptance of female bald beauty. Thank you, Ellischa! You're already a winner.

I just voted again, and I see that the percentages for her bracket have changed...she's now at 45% to the guy's 55%. Let's all vote!
I just voted! Best of luck to Eillischa! :)
Hello Teresa and Everyone,
Mary alerted me to vote today and I just did. I'm very happy that this experience has been a good one for Ellischa. I hope she wins, but then again she has already won for all of us.
I voted too!! I am going to post the link on my facebook page so everyone I know will vote. I hope she wins, it will be a win for all women with Alopecia. I can't believe they say "vote for your favorite MAN" Ellisha is beautiful and deserves to win. Big hugs to Ellisha and good for you for being so brave. You have already won in my book.
Love and Hugs,



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