Hello all. I am a bit scared here. I am 31 and was on some prescribed medication for a few weeks when my partner and i started noticing hair all over the house. I was in denial for a while but then I started to see extreme thinning and some bald spots on the back of my head. Yesterday I went to the dermatologist who diagnosed me with Alopecia areata. I have discontinued the medication immediately, but the hair continues to fall. I was given clobetasol, which I've just started applying. I was also told to use various dandruff shampoos and switch them around to fool the follicles. 

I had long hair down to my hips, but now I have to cut it short, the doctor said. It took me years to grow out. 

I am asking for some support here, first of all, as in, any recommendations or anyone relate?

I am also asking what kinds of hats you guys like, because I'm going to need some hats. 

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did the doctor recommend any other medications or vitamins?
Do NOT use clobetasol cream if you are allergic to any ingredient in clobetasol cream
for the shampoos I do not believe it will add value, especially if it is immune not temporary. I hope this will be for temporary basis and you will be recovered very soon
just keep faith up

Hi Mashloum: Thanks for your comments. I have never used clobetasol so I have no idea if I'm allergic! But last night I used it and was fine. 

I'm not sure about the shampoos, either. They were certainly expensive and there were three of them!

He didn't recommend anything else for now . I am on my own taking biotin, zinc, selenium, B complex. 

I have a history of eating disorder which doesn't help any of this. 

Your hair loss may be temporary. You may want to start taking probiotics 2-3 times a day and fish oils with a high DHA and EPA. Headcovers.com is a great place for hats and turbans. The bamboo products by Cardani are beautiful and very comfortable. I know this is frightening. I am fairly new to this also. Having to match scarves and hats to our wardrobe is a challenge. Hang in there!

Thank  you so much. I am  frightened for sure. I'm going to definitely start with the fish oils and probiotics. Great advice. Yeah, the whole head scarves and hats to wardrobe...well i guess just have to add an extra 15 mins before work. 

I also try to meditate. There are great YouTube guided meditation sites for healing and boosting the immune system. Thinking positively is very important. Happy holidays to you!

Thank you!! You, too!!!

Hi. You didn't say what medication you were taking, or why you were taking it, but 5 years ago I had an epidural abscess, which is an infection on my spine.  They got rid of the infection by both surgery and antibiotics.  The antibiotics were 12  weeks, three times a day in a port they put in my chest, and then oral antibiotics for another 12 weeks.  About a year later, I developed AA.  I struggled to keep the hair on my head and shaved it off in August, 2014.  I no longer have to shave and, other than a little hair under my arms, would otherwise be considered AU.  I have no doubt that the strength and length of time I took the antibiotics saved my life, but caused my Alopecia.

I agree. Antibiotics destroys gut bacteria. That is why my naturopath suggested that I take probiotics. I try to eat healthy and have drastically cut my wheat, grains, sugar and dairy. I am seeing some regrowth in eyebrows and facial hair. A few hairs are popping up on my scalp, but nothing significant.

Yes, I'm not sure of the connection between gut and hair, but i have no read a lot of evidence suggestingso. 

Wow, that sounds horrible, so sorry you had to go through that. I was on a seizure medication 



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