Hi,  I am a mom of a 9 year old boiy who started to loose his hair in patches on his head two months ago. He started with a few dime size patches on the top of his head.  Now he has large ones all over his head.  He wears a hat to school so he is able to cover it up.  He does not want all his schoolmates to be aware of what he has.  His teacher, all school staff members and a few friends are aware.  We have been to his pediatrician, endocrinologist, allergist, and dermatologist. He has low vit D and high esiphinogens  (I don't think I'm spelling it correctly).  We are giving him extra vit D and mulitvit plus omega-3. He has asthma.  But it hasn't acted up since the winter. RA is in my family.  He had seasonal and dust allergies.  We took him off of gluten and since then (last two months) his allergies are gone.  He has received the injections in his scalp the first time he went to the D.  The second time the D said his spots are way too big for a full treatment so he did what he could then prescribed desoximetasone gel 0.05% to apply 2xper day.  We just went back again and the D did not want to give him any injections just for us to continue with the gel.  I am ok with this and so is our son.  My husband is not he doesn't understand why the D won't give him the injections in at least some of the areas. My husband sees a bit of growth in some of the areas.  I hope he is right.  I don't see it. My husband wants to give him minoxidal too as he read this also helps.  Has anyone tried this?  Our son is a loving, smart, caring boy.  He has always been a worrier, quick to get upset, but quick to get over it.  I am wondering if this could also not be helping him? I don't know if we are going to find a cure.  I just want to help my son cope and be happy.  My husband is determined to find one.  He wants to try everything.  He can't accept it.  We have disagreements about it.  Don't get me wrong I would do anything for a cure. I just don't know if there is one. Any comments or suggestions would help.  

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I am a mother of 5, including a 9year old boy. First, let me say I know all kids are different. sEcond, as a mother I understand wanting nothing but the best life possible for our children. Finally, I have AA myself. All I can do here is share my experience and let you do what you will with it. I was diagnosed 18 months ago, and my spots grew until I shaved my head 3 months later. They continued to grow and suddenly started regrowing in the exact same order they fell out. 4 months after I shaved, the spots were small enough to let my hair regrow. I continue to get new spots and my bald ones have shown full regrowth 3 months after peaking. I chose not to.pursue shots or other treatment because I was nursing and the possibility of the treatments actually working didn't outweigh side effects, even if I hadn't been nursing. As a busy y working mom with enough stress already I decided to just accept it. That was the best decision for me. I came out about it at work and with friends before deciding to shave my head and everyone was so.supportive. I also focused on the fact that it wasn't because I was sick or anything. My 9 year old has a friend who went from AA to AU and walks proud. I hope your son can get there too.  I highly recommend acceptance as the best and most effective treatment. I personally don't believe there is a cure. I have found that a low gluten diet seems to slow it down for me, but that may be coincidence. It is different for everyone and change day to day. I encourage you and your husband to focus on acceptance for yourselves and with your son. If mom and dad think a bald head is cool (Mohawk anyone?) He might think so too. The ultimate answer is unconditional love and acceptance of ourselves. You are in my prayers tonight. See if he will put a pic on this site, a safe place and see the support he gets. That could be helpful.



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