Hi this is my first post here,  I have been shedding huge amounts of hair for almost two years.  Previous to this I had no hair loss and thick hair.  It has gotten to the point,  I have lost 70% of my hair and what is left is in bad shape and doesn't even feel like hair.   It looks like cotton candy.

I have no diagnosis except this is  a chronic diffuse hair loss.  A telegon effluvium that  started 3 months after I stopped eating due to anxiety and lost over 25 pounds in less than two months.  I also had a horrible allergic reaction to a medicine two days before it started.   I don't know what my diagnosis is at this point, but It isn't good right now.  I used to see regrowth and the shedding started to slow down when I was calmer and eating better this past November.  I don't know if it was a coincidence or not,  but it is worse than ever now,  I am  not coping well at all.  

I tried so many wigs and I feel like I am the one person a wig will not look good on.  I also have suffered before this happened with a body image disorder, depression and rarely left the house before this happened on and off , but it would be on and off and live was enjoyable and livable.

The hair loss and change in my appearance has made this unmanageable and I am anxious all day long,  can't go out,, and feel like I will never be ok.  My hair was the one thing that made me feel good about myself.  

I have been searching for something that will look halfway good on me and blown a lot of money in the process to  wind up with a butchered wig.   I was wondering if anyone knows a compassionate good place in the phila area or suburbs of Philadelphia  that you recommend.   Or even someone who would come to my home,  an online shop, or recommends a low density human hair wig.  I am looking into toppers too, but the way my hair loss is it would need to serve as more of a wig.   


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I've been happy with HairDirect.com.

Thank you Dominique!  did you order online or go to them?  Thanks again

I order online.

Go on the Wigsupport.com website and ask the question....and all your questions....You are bound to find someone to help you and direct you to the right place, the right wig, etc.  Toppers and wigs....

Thank you I am a member there as well.   No one knew of a place in my area.  Thank you so much



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