Hello All,

This is my first post. After doing countless hours of research and reading all of your stories, I've decided to share mine.

Backround: First let me mention I am a 25 year old male. Nobody in my family suffers from alopecia areata. Since puberty I have not had much body hair, only about 5% of my legs and arms have hair, if that much.
About 3 years ago I was having severe stomach issues, losing about 20lbs in 2 months. I've always been into diet, nutrition, working out and living a healthy lifestyle. After an endos/colonoscopy the doctor told me I had crohns disease....Well about 2 weeks went by and I figured oh well I will have to live with this terrible disease and went on about my life....The doctor called me up and said he sent my biopsy to a second lab who concluded I DEFF DID NOT have crohns disease and he wanted to do further testing to figure out what was causing my digestive issues. I did test positive one time for the antibodies which are markers for crohns but they cannot give a diagnosis. Anyways a few months went by and all the sudden my stomach was fine, the issues all resolved themselves and I gave up with the doctors and decided to clean up my diet and see how life goes. I have never again had an issue like that again with my stomach, although I do suffer from IBS which runs in my family.

First run in with AA: About 2 years ago or so I had my first patch of hair missing on the side of my head. I immediately realized it was AA and decided to go to the derm and get an injection of cortisone which cleared it up in about 2 months’ time. Let me tell you I have extremely thick black hair....as thick as it gets and wavy. Well that spot cleared up and I never thought about it again.

Today: Now two years or so later and it’s back, but worse. Exactly 2 months ago I had a small bald spot show up after a haircut on the side of my head above my ear. Now this spot has turned into 8 spots all around the side of my head. It has completely devastated me and made my life a living hell. I know exactly what it is and that only time will tell if it grows back, and or stops spreading around my head. The thing I am interested in is if this is in any way connected to the stomach issues I suffered from years back. Could this be my immune system attacking my hair now instead of my stomach?? I have had more cortisone injections over the last two months but feel I am done with those. I am one of those people who do not believe much in modern medicine, and refuse to go on oral prednisone as my derm mentioned, suggesting we try pulse prednisone therapy.

I am currently awaiting blood results to see if anything checks out in regards to my hormones and vitamin D levels....I'm hoping something shows up which can explain this, but as many of us are aware most of the time everything is perfectly fine! I do think this is possibly stress related, considering the stomach issues came about in a time of high stress/anxiety and this current episode with alopecia is taking place during a very stressful time, the current hair loss is making things much much worse.

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Congratulations Justin, can you post a current picture showing your regrowth?
I didn't realize u were saying that the Aa treatment injections gave u TE. I've never heard that. Sometimes these side effects are worse than the conditions. I've accepted my AA in the past. For almost 20 years I just kept a shaved head and wore bandanas and scarves and hats. Things over the past 7 years have been pretty good tho. Treating spots as they came up. But now I'm scared to lose eyebrows etc. I do hope things turn around. At least back to just AA.

I don't know exactly what is going on with you internally but I pray it gets better. I'm glad you don't believe solely in Western medicine. I had Alopecia when I was in the 5th and 6th grade. The doctors put me on steroids and other stuff. My mother didn't like that and it obviously wasn't working. she found a doctor in the bay area named Dr. Wu. He was a doctor of holistic medicine. He rubbed my feet and said what was wrong with me internally and then gave me a lot of vitamins and stuff to take. In a year, all my hair grew back. My suggestion is to find a doctor of holistic medicine. Be it your diet, what you're taking in, an herb, whatever, they could tell what is really wrong and even if they don't know, they won't treat the symptoms they'll give you a cure. 

Hey guy story is similar to mine. Sounds like you might have celiacs disease tho. Try cutting all wheat out of your diet. I did and it has made a huge difference in my life, almost immediately this fog lifted and I wasn't so depressed, my eyebrows have started to grow back within a week!!! I've lived with celiacs for 20 years without knowing it, I feel like it has stolen my youth. I always strayed away from food because it made me feel like I needed to nap immediately, don't get me started on beer cos two and I am sleeping for the night, it wasn't the food tho it was the food I was choosing to eat. I can't even begin to tell u all the changes diet has made in my life, it just takes a little longer to shop as I got too read all ingredients and the Google the ones I'm not sure of. Anyways I hope you get the answers you need to get your life back on track!good luck!
Ps I do have alopecia areata got it in the last three years, 80%head loss 90%eyebrows loss and a ton of body hair, since going gluten free I've noticed growth everywhere, and the hair is not falling out anymore



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