Hello Fellow Alopecians,

I am currently shopping for my first wig and need advice. I have lost more than half of my hair and it is shedding more than ever, it is only a matter of time before I need a wig. I went to a Follea rep last Sunday and I am really not a candidate for a topper since I am shedding so rapidly. Since I do have hair left, my rep recommended a Follea gripper cool. She said we can sew combs in for security then remove them when needed as the hair continues to thin.

I tried on a few, but she did not have a piece with my density and color, so it was really difficult to imagine. She is ordering one to my specifications so I can try it on before I shell out the money... I am sure you all know the price of this brand.

I am not really concerned with the price, I just want to be comfortable in it and purchase a top quality, realistic piece.

Does anyone have experience with Follea? I am not opposed to other brands, it just appears that Follea is one of the more desirable brands out there.

Thanks for your help!


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My recommendation is to do a lot of research on your own personal needs before you make a decision about any type of wig.  I know this may seem like time is limited but it isn't. 

I would think it is very important for you to know what you want a wig to do for you.  When I first started looking for my daughter I learnt as much as I could about wigs, how they were made, what the hair type would mean to me and her etc.  Then I wrote a list of the things that were important to her and me about any wig that we chose.  For me the list was, security, realistic look, comfort, easy care, people I trusted.  

While finding out about wigs I really started to understand the hair that was being used in them and what that would mean to us.  Do your investigations around this as some of the names that are used by wig seller and manufacturers are a little misleading.  I think it is important that you know the difference between processed human hair and unprocessed human hair.  Do a little search here and you will see some of the information I have passed on.  Or if you would like me to message you please feel free to friend me.

It is also helpful to fully understand the attachment methods and caps used by different wig companies and what they will mean to you.  Do as much investigating as you can. 

Good luck with everything and I hope your end choice is one you enjoy.


Following .... I would love to here from some one that has had one , say longer than a year preferable longer. REALLY what was their thoughts/experiences and if possible comparing to other "so called top quality "high end priced wigs that are also on the market .

Hi Alice

Comparisons often end in ill feeling that doesn't help anyone.  If you do your homework and educate yourself on the pluses and minuses on any type of wig you will come to a choice that will suit you.

I feel information is the key, but not comparing.  Aimee below loves the wigs she wears (even though those wigs don't suit my daughters needs,  they suit Aimee's needs at this time).  With many wigs it is like comparing apples to pears...it doesn't work so well and becomes incredibly confusing for all reading.  

If you want people to list the features and benefits of their particular wig choice... I think that may work. 

I have been apart of Alopecia world for many years and am very aware that respect for each other is imperative for people to get clear, information on wigs available.


Thank you Aimee!
That would be great thank you Aimee . Im totally for comparing. ( I really understand why the wig companies don't like us doing this but hey we are the ones who are purchasing ) The best form of research /homework is asking as many people as possible who has tried what ever item and get their inside thoughts , weigh out the pro and cons then evaluate all your information and go by that. That is why I LOVE this site. It is a safe place to come and gather all your information .

When spending so much much money comparing is a absolute must!! (well it is to me)

lol like I was just today asking my friend via social media if she could compare her fibre optic Christmas tree to her beautiful snow covered Christmas tree from the year before . Both completely different products and do completely different things but in the end they have the same purpose to look beautiful ,which make you feel fantastic and of course to spread the Christmas cheer :-D oh yes I'm so Into Christmas.

Anyway the full detailed description she have me on her personal preference ABSOLUTLY helped me in when deciding what I would like for my next purchase . By the way she preferred the older green tree covered with snow ;-)

Lots of love

Alice in wonder land xoxo
Good analogy Alice and so true. It is always beneficial to hear the pros and cons so we may make an educated decision. I always comparison shop! I understand what Rosemarie is saying, but I am 100% new to the supplemental hair world and need guidance from women who have "been there, done that."

Are you set on going human hair for your first piece? I ask because there are quite a few VERY realistic synthetic options out there. Follea is great, but it's expensive (as you know). Most people I know with Folleas (some, for many years), are quite happy.

I met with a Follea rep locally and was not impressed with her. I'd love to go to the actual Follea shop to have a look, someday. 

One of my hair loss friends rotates between her Toppette and her wig and does so, seamlessly. 

Lauren hi

What are you wearing now it looks fantastic :-)

Hi Alice - the piece in my pic is Mega Mono by Ellen Wille. I find the EW hair fiber (even thought it is supposedly from the same company as Noriko/JR/etc.) to be awesome - none of that synthetic shine.

Hi Lauren, I am not opposed to synthetic hair. To tell you the truth I only tried on a few pieces at the Follea representative's studio. She unfortunately didn't have many to try on, so I'm having a difficult time knowing what they will look like on me. The rep was great though, she was very knowledgeable. She has ordered a piece to my specifications and if I like it I may purchase that from her.

If you have any suggestions, regarding specific brands that you know of please let me know. I am really open to anything. At the top of my want list is realistic look and comfort.


That's great you have a knowledgeable rep! 

I'd advise anyone starting out to try a synthetic piece first, especially if you are concerned with the $ factor (aren't we all?)...just so you can get a feel for actually wearing something on your head. Synthetics are a great baby step because you get all of the hair but little of the hassle. I've seen alot of Raquel Welch and Ellen Wille (what I am wearing in my pic) synthetics that have NO shine, which is the "worst" part about synthetic hair. 

Synthetic hair obviously behaves completely different from human hair, but I am glad I started there so I could "learn the ropes" of hair wearing. The knowledge I've picked up is only going to help me if and when I jump to a HH piece (I've done toppers in HH, but not wigs). It's also a great way to experiment with styles and densities, so you'll know what you want before ordering a HH piece and (gasp!) taking scissors to it.

Just a few things to think about!

Hi,  I'm probably in the same situation you are right now.  I did buy a very good synthetic wig but it bothered me so I put that aside.  I later went to a "specialist" in a city nearby and he sold me on a HH topper.  The problem with that is my hair was falling out so fast on top I was having a rough time securing it.  To complicate things (or add to my frustration) I was out approx. $1400.00 and still had nothing to wear to cover my bald areas.  A light bulb finally went on and I purchased quite a few head covers (scarves, hats, turbans) to wear while researching what would work for me.  I made an appointment and saw the Follea  rep in Knoxville, TN.  Stacey was fantastic.  I asked her to cut off all of the remaining hair as I was tired of seeing my hair all over the shower and bathroom floor and waking up to see it on my pillow.  When I made that decision it actually made me feel better.  I was no longer fighting a losing battle but can now start new with a "clean slate".  Although Stacey sells Follea and another brand I went with the Follea.  After trying on the different caps the XS fit perfectly. Stacey also helped in fitting the synthetic wig for me and trimmed it.  She introduced me to the WiGrip as the combs would never help with the fine thin hair I had left.  Will I love the Follea?  In my mind I feel I will.  The cap was comfortable and I had faith in Stacey.  I don't work outside my home so I won't wear a wig everyday.  I'll use the synthetic for grocery shopping and errands and the Follea for good.  I will get the Follea in approx. 4 wks and will give you an update.  In the meantime, keep up the research and an open mind.



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