Searching the web for prosthetic wigs is a challenge. I desperately need something new that looks like my old hair instead of giving me a shocking appearance. I have tried to call and e mail wig shops but they don't answer. I hope I won't have to drive more than about two hours to find someone good. The place I used to get supplies seems to be closed all the time with no explanation and they won't return my calls.   

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Hello Zimre

I think it is important for you to really investigate what you need and want for your hair.  I would suggest you make a list of what you want a wig to be able to do for you.  I did this when I first started looking for a wig for my daughter.  For me the following things were important.  (Security, realism, comfort, ease of care, caring people to talk with).  My daughter was 12 when she lost her hair she is now 23 years old.  After investigating all the options that were available we decided on a Freedom Wig.  This type of wig has worked well for us for the last 11 years.  If you would like any information please feel free to message me.

Aimee here prefers other types of wigs, synthetics etc.  she may be another good person to chat to.  

Make sure you investigate for yourself.  Really work out your own needs....and don't let price alone set the standard for you.  Sometimes it can be a terribly false economy in finding a wig that does what you need it to do.


The important thing is comfort and at the same time, I want something that looks like my old hair. 


I will talk about the comfort of my daughters wig of choice (freedom wigs).  She has been wearing them for the last 11 years (since she was 12 years old...she is now 23 years old).  

People that talk to Freedom about what they want for their new hair often bring in photo's of what their hair was originally like.  Freedom Wigs do an incredible job at matching hair, colour etc. as closely as possible to the persons growing hair, if that is what they want.  Not all want this though as the world becomes your oyster. :)

This particular type of wig is really a medical prosthesis, as such it is designed for those with long term extensive hairloss.  You either have to have no hair to wear this type of wig or be prepared to take away the hair you have.  My daughter has AU at the moment so has no hair.  The cap of a Freedom wig is smooth and comfortable.  It is easy to put on and take off (without glues and tapes) and is secure for everyday life and more.  

The cap is made from Vapour permeable medical grade silicone.  The silicone is a material that is able to pass water vapour through it...keeping the persons head comfortable and dry.  (if you are running a marathon will get sweaty though).  There is no itching or damp caps with a Freedom Wig.  You can swim, roller life comfortably.

(Just a wee note ....all wigs are hotter than no hair or your own growing hair, but this wig in particular has been designed to keep the wearer as comfortable as possible). 

I don't know if this type of wig will be helpful for you, but if you would like to know more feel free to contact me.

This is a piccie of my daughter in one of her Freedom Wigs.

Good luck with your investigations. 

Thank you for the information.  I'll have to look into it

Freedom all the way xxxx

On the downside, no matter what they tell you, it can't be worn by itself behind your ears and it can't be used on hot days.  

After some playing around, I was finally able to figure out that using a wide head band with my hair piece and getting the band in a perfect position behind my ears is the equivalent of the way I used to wear my own hair that I lost.  

With a head band, you can get it to sit behind your ears and out of your face.   I have some narrow head bands that seem not to work and some wide ones that do.

So tonight, with the temperature in the 50s I wore my prosthesis out on town for the first time.  

It kept me warm in this cold weather almost like a hat so I did not require a sweatshirt.   This might clue you in to what happens when you wear it on a warm day.  

I would have gone insane if I had not worn my head band that helped to pin it back behind my ears.  

In my experience, the whole trick to living in one of these for hours on end is to never use it in warm weather and always pin it back with a head band.  

I'm not sure if you're still looking, but I really like



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