ive had hair loss for over ten years unfortunately. went to derm who didnt think i had a problem. He just couldnt see probably becuase i use toppik. wont go out without it. Went to trichologist and wasted money and got no answers and ive been doing my own extensions for over ten years, Went to extensionists recently and that was a mistake. she didnt take her time getting them out and i lost more hair. I had a death in the family recently and it was a shock and it gave me ptsd. it was an immediate family member. i went on an anti anxiety drug and my hair loss got worse. Got off of it and my hair has not grown back. very despressing as all of you know. Im finally going to a hair replacement center next week . looking for hair integration since i have all over thinning and really cannot even style it anymore, anyone have any info on these? do you like it or not like it? 

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hair integration is NOT for thinning hair.  What can they possibly "integrate" with it?  I was taken for $2K with a so called integration system.  I could not wait to get it off my head 4 days later, the first "next day" the shop was opened.  Then I could not get any money back...it was a long battle.  If your hair is thinning "all over", your best bet is a wig.  A topped will not work ....without damaging what little hair you have left.  

what kind of wig would you recommend. something natural and that I could take care of myself. Id like it to be something that's for 24/7.any suggestions?

I agree with Lexi.  If your hair is thinning all over, an integration system is likely to hasten and/or worsen the thinning, because the integration system will only add extra weight to your remaining strands of hair and your follicles.  A wig is probably a safer alternative.

what kind of wig would you recommend. something natural and that I could take care of myself. Id like it to be something that's for 24/7.any suggestions?

You don't really want to wear a wig 24/7.  It's pretty hot and uncomfortable.  Wearing it when you sleep can stretch the cap and ultimately damage the wig.  Some people have lace wigs fully bonded to their heads, but whether you want to do that depends on your level of comfort and skin sensitivity.  (My skin is too sensitive for bonding.)

I think there are a lot of wigs on the market that look very natural, so long as you get them cut to your face.  Virtually nothing will be perfect out of the box.

My personal favorites: 

1. Synthetic Wigs: Amore.  They're comfortable, and they have monotops, so the scalp looks very realistic.  

2.  Cyberhair: Amy's Presence Cyberhair wigs (now called "Private Issue" Cyberhair wigs) - those were enormously easy to care for, the hair was beautiful (great colors), the hair had a good "swish" factor, and there was no styling necessary - the wigs go back to their original shape after washing automatically.

3. Russian human hair wigs: I get mine from Amy Gibson at www.createdhair.com.  They're beautiful and very natural looking.

If you don't know the difference between monotop/monofilament versus classic cap, or lace front versus full lace, or Remy versus Russian, etc., etc., these are all things that you want to learn about so that you don't order the wrong type of wig.  

thank you for your reply. I appreciate it!

Couldn't even IMAGINE sleeping in a wig...personally, although some do.  Not for me.....also 24/7 hair would not last as long, as sleeping on it, showing with it on daily would shorten the life of the hair drastically.  If I knew what to recommend to you, I would be wearing it myself.  There is NO perfection.....Just what you personally can deal with and are comfortable with, and what you can afford, and how much time and work you wish to put into the upkeep of a wig.  I personally don't wish to put much into the upkeep, I have better things to do, and I want easy care....comfortable....the whole package for me does not exist....(:

thank you . the problem is i havekids, teenagers and its embarassing. they dont know of this problem. so its hard for me. thats why i want something that they wouldnt notice was on and off. 

Get a hair system from Hair Direct then you can bond 24/7 like I do!

but then i d have to shave my hair?? right??  i did get two toppers and they did not work for me at all and those clips killed me. i dont know how others do the clips. so annoying for me.



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