Since this site provides support and guidance to both veterans and those new to alopecia, I thought I would post some information I have learned regarding wigs.  I have no affiliation to any of the companies/sites below.  Just trying to provide insight.

First, my daughter, who just turned 14, has had AU for a couple of years now.  It is very hard, but she does not let it get her down.  While each person on this journey needs to make their own choices, she has chosen to go the wig route.  As a result, I have become very well-educated on wigs.  Here is some unsolicited advice:

We choose human hair wigs.  We like how they look, fell, and hold up over time.  In our short experience, a well-made human hair wig will last about a year when worn regularly.  We recently purchased a REMY hair wig for the first time, and we are very impressed so far.  We also go with lace front, hand-tied wigs.  Again, the look and feel of these options are worth the price to us.

The downside?  Human hair wigs are expensive!  I will do anything to help my girl, but I have learned a few things that may help others here to reduce the cost of the wigs.  First, if you are in the US and your child is under 18, you need to get in touch with Wigs for Kids.  This is a wonderful non-profit organization that will provide a child suffering from cancer, alopecia, or trichotillomania a human hair wig once per year free of charge.  They have been wonderful to work with, and the wig they provided to us was very nice.  We are currently waiting for our new one (so excited).

Since the wigs look good for about a year, we have a "shoulder season" where we are waiting on a new wig, and her current one looks bad.  So, we recently decided to purchase another piece online.  I was skeptical at first.  We ordered a REMY human hair, hand-tied, lace front wig.  I looked at, but ended up purchasing at  Got the exact same wig for a fraction of the price, but I believe the inventory at is probably less reliable (it changes often).  I believe these sites sell synthetics and blends as well.  As with all online shopping, spending a few minutes looking for a coupon code is worth it!  I saw several 25% and 30% off coupon codes.  And they worked!  The wig we received is VERY nice, and she is very pleased with it overall.  There are other sites out there, these are the two we looked at.

I hope this information is helpful to someone out there!  Some choose to rock "bald and beautiful", and I say more power to you!  Some want hair, so I hope this discussion helps if you are in that camp.

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Thank you for this post - it was very helpful to get started

HP-17B is a first model, it is a financial and business calculator. this calculator is made by Hewlett-Packard. It is introduced in 1988 on January 4 along with the HP-19b, HP-27s. It was a business model There were two versions, one is US one working in English only, and the international one with six languages like English, German French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. sells wigs that have been purchased and returned for whatever reason.  That is why they are so discounted.  

Most wig companies will have a 30% discount virtually all the time.  Sign up for emails so you'll know when the sales & free shipping are.

I cannot emphasize this paragraph enough.  Be sure and google for reviews of wig sellers you are interested in buying from.   There are many, many Chinese scam sites just waiting to get your credit card number.   If the price is too good to be true, it usually is a scam site using actual manufacturers photos.  What you see is not what you will get.  

I will add:  A good synthetic with lace front, mono top and hand tied cap can be bought for $300-400 (even cheaper on sale) and take a lot less care than hh.  Any curls / waves are permanently put in the wig so are generally wash, hang to dry, shake & wear.  I have an expensive hh wig and curl won't even stay in it.  

Finally, no matter where you purchase a wig or cranial prosthesis, be sure to check the return policy.  Some online wig companies have really gone on a tangent about taking returns;  one company won't even let you try the wig on if you're gonna return.  



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