I was told in feb that I have AA. Since finding the patch in Feb, I have a 50p size patch just above my ear and it's starting to spread up my hair line to my middle parting. The strange thing is I still have hair in the patch, just very thin and very spaced out. I've been told not to brush my hair when wet, not to use my hair dryer, and not to use my straighteners. I was also advised to use alcapin shampoo which just dries my hair out. I've been given steriod cream and have been using for two months. The doctor said he won't refer me to a dermatologist as they don't like giving steriod injections anymore.

I just don't know what to do. Can anyone offer any help x

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I was also just diagnosed in January. It started with a small patch in my part at the top of my head. Within 3 weeks I was 40% bald. And at about 8 weeks 95% bald. My doctor has prescribed a special shampoo, which didn't work. Then I got a steroid cream, which didn't work either. So here I am almost 5 months in and nothing is helping. I have also lost hair in my pubic area, eyebrows, legs, and arms. So don't feel alone. I hope you all the best of luck. 

Try to stay positive.  This may resolve itself as quickly as it came.  My son was also diagnosed with AA last year and it progressed to multiple bald spots on his scalp.  He changed his diet and started taking zinc and biotin. Also switched to all natural products (deodorant, shampoo, etc.....) Within the year, all his hair grew back in and I am happy to report the whole ordeal is now a distant memory.  Its hard in the beginning, but have faith that things will get better.

I don't even know what to tell you all.. I've had AA since I was probly 10 yrs old I'm 45 know I had the little spots up until I was in the 9th maybe 10th grad it got bad.. I had to wear a ponytail with tons of hairspray just to keep it in place so it didn't spread apart to show my huge spots.. when I became a senior I had just a few spots then once out of school my hair was great got a short hair cut made my hair fuller I've had so many ups and downs with this dang disease.....about 4 yrs ago I got at my worst it turned into AU I have nothing left smooth as a baby's butt  nothing no where to be found... I think stress played a big part in my AU, AA as I was always nervous in school... but i did get married and my husband knew about this before we got married and he still loves me the same... i can change my hair any time i like with diff colors ...lol   I've been thru all the treatments the shots, creams and the ultra-violet rays (Puva).. nothing worked i felt like a guinea pig with all the poking .. it's not worth it ... this thing just takes it's course and what ever will be will be i guess I've given up looking for help unless they come up with some miracle cure.. all i can say is stay strong and don't let this get you down.. if we think about maybe we're the normal ones and having hair is non normal you know 



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