I was diagnosed, with Alopecia Areata, a couple of weeks ago. I saw a dermatologist who prescribed steroid cream, followed by injections if necessary. I then saw my primary physician who recommended the same course of action. I, however, don't want treatment. I can't quite explain why, but it doesn't feel like the right decision.

My primary has Alopecia patients who experience regrowth from treatment and who get steroid injections for each new/reoccurring bald spot. I don't feel that reoccurring steroid use, that doesn't treat the cause, is something I want to participate in. I normally don't go against my physician's opinion, but it feel like I'm being pressed into treatment.

I hope that some of you may have refused treatment. If so, I would appreciate you sharing your decision and experience with me.

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I have refused many medications for other illness over the years but my doctors have always been alright I have felt as I have always taken time to explain to them why I have made the choices and sometimes it is just that I do not feel that treatment is for me.  As long we the treatment is not life threatening then we have right to decide what we are putting into our bodies as far as I am concerned, they all have possible side effects.  My hair could actually be a side effect of one of my other meds so stand by what you feel is right !  

I was diagnosed a year ago with alopecia universalis. I have decided not to have treatments either. I don't the thought of what chemicals and steroids they would be injecting into me. I also don't think emotionally I can go through growing my hair back only to see if fall out agin (my dermatologist said it usually falls out after you stop treatments. If it grows back naturally and then falls out again then it was meant to be. But for me to invest so much emotionally to try to have it grow back is too much for me. I also didn't like that the treatment would only be on my head and I would still have to deal with no eyelashes or eyebrows. But it does have to be your decision and you have to do what feels right for you. Best of luck!

Hi Nicole when my hair was falling out, the injections surpassingly worked very well on my scalp and eyebrows. However, it's ongoing. DPCP actually worked better, but almost all of my hair fell out. I was fortunate in that not only did all my hair grow back it was thicker like it never fell out. Also, with the reaction from DPCP my eyebrow and facial hair grew back in thicker than before. I always had patchy facial hair and figured it was just genetics as my bro and dad never wore a beard because of the military. For the first time in my life I'm actually keeping a beard. It was a very strange journey.

what is dpcp?


It seems crazy as I type this with a bald head, but I didn't even really notice when I started losing hair. I had had small, inconsequential bald patches on and off through my 20s and 30s, which I just assumed were autoimmune and did nothing about. They came and went and never posed a problem. Then, after my third baby, I got more bald patches, but I just assumed they would grow back in. I was as shocked as anyone when I noticed that I was missing a ton of hair. I thought I should rule out other causes and went to a dermatologist who looked at my head, said that with over 50% hair loss he wouldn't recommend injections and sent me on my way no further enlightened. I have worried that by not treating the condition I might have not done everything I could to save my hair, but I don't want steroids (and I was breastfeeding at the time this all first came up anyway), and the idea of turning something sad and annoying into something uncomfortable, sad and annoying didn't appeal to me. The thing with not trying treatment is that you never will know if it could have worked, but I'm OK with knowing that there is is no sure cure and that I chose not to undergo expense, hassle, discomfort and potential complications for something that might not have worked or might have worked only to have my hair fall out again when I stopped treatment.

I am with you.  I tried two rounds of cortisone shots but felt like it wasn't the right path, just putting a band aide on things.  My acupuncturist also told me too many shots would stress my liver out.  It seems a path that doesn't really lead to lasting results and may even perpetuate the problem. 

HI!! I too have refused further treatment after several years of various treatments including ingestible steroids, creams, liquid stimulators, you name it, I had it done or have taken it!! I was diagnosed with AA 30yrs ago with one lil bald spot the size of a quarter.  I spent all that time as a teenager (I was diagnosed at 11yrs old) making weekly trips to the dermatologist and nothing ever really stayed.  I started smoking and drinking and even taking drugs at 18, THIS suppressed my immune system and I had regrowth on its own for 10 yrs.  Stopped all the drugs and alcohol, when I became a born again Christian (Thank you Jesus!), married got pregnant with my first child and when he was born the hormone shift plus the lack of the substances, caused all my hair to fall out again by the time he was 6months old I was completely bald again!!!  Now I am Alopecia Universalis ( total head and body hair loss)14 yrs and 3 more sons born to me and I still have no hair!!! LOL Has definitely been something to learn to live with, but I haven't received any treatment since I was 16 because they offered immune suppression. I decided I would rather be bald than contract some really dread disease and die with a head full of hair!!! lol I am totally healthy, more so than most I think, my children have all benefited in-utero from my outlandishly high white count (I was told I have a gene that causes a high white count and is considered an autoimmune disorder, a grandmother had the same gene that in reverse caused her to have leukemia, so heredity is my issue)  It's got to be the individuals choice, all of it, bald or wigs, hats or scarfs , au naturale, telling ppl, keeping it a secret, I tell people now (didn't used to), I choose to wear wigs and I HATE HATS!!! LOL You do what feels right for you and you will never regret it!!

Blessings, Lori

If you're happy why should anyone else care? I am a nurse and I have terrible diffuse thinning thruout the entire top of my head. I've been to several derm's and I have used Rogaine full strength for men per recommendation, to no avail. I finally went out and purchased a few nice wigs, which I love, and have been perfectly happy ever since. I use a baseball hat for errands on weekends and my family doesn't care, they love me with and without hair. So as far as I'm considered this is now a non issue. I'm glad that you have a mind of your own and can think rationally about this. I don't think treating symptoms and not the cause is the way to ever win this battle, and I won't waste anymore time, energy, or money on something that's just not worth it. Health before hair, anyday!

Hi. I have chosen to say no to the treatment options offered by my Dermatologist. All of them seemed invasive, unhealthy practices. Instead, am turning to my own body; in trust that it will provide the best solution it can. In return for that trust, I have been given a bit of peace in and around this undesired change. I wish you well in coming to terms with your Alopecia. Duke

I have had AA for four years now. I too refused treatment after reading that it doesn't help in the long run so is only a temporary fix. One thing I did do was get married :-) in the beginning a had five large patches, after deciding to not medically treat it, me and my now hubby decided to get the big day over with incase I did lose all my hair. I wasn't worried about losing my hair but I did want my hair for my wedding. Since then patches have come and gone, luckily I haven't ever lost all my hair. My hair isn't great right now but I still won't result to steroids. I'm not sick, my body will deal with it when it can. Good luck to you x
When I think about the possible extent of which I could lose my hair, my (hopefully) someday wedding is always what comes to mind. Thank you fo sharing your story wih me.



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