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A lot of sunshine on my scalp causes blonde fuzz, but it's got less each summer. Any stimulation to most things makes them stronger and sometimes bigger. Equally reduction of stress helps everything about us.

Mine pretty much does the same thing.  Random fuzz and I still get thin patches of hair that I have to shave now and then.  Wish it all just would go away...but ah well.

My parents gave me megadoses of vitamins as a kid for a while, and I started growing hair back...as soon as I was tapered off of them it started falling out again.  Lots of sun amps up vitamin D...maybe there is something to it, but anything like that is hard to maintain over a long period of time.

There was a guy at a Sacramento area alopecia support group who once said he got fuzz in summer sun...and he was REALLY bald. Vitamin D, I guess. When I started with alopecia treaments at age 10, a UV lamp that smelled weird was shone on my head by the doctor, so the light treatment thing has been around for awhile.

Maybe the hotel and travel chemicals, water and foods affect you as well as stress. At some point, after years of alopecia, not much growth is promised. My halo of white angel hair on a formerly brunette head is most likely the tougher white hairs that would have been mixed with the weak brunette ones by my age (61, if not for the genes from dad's side of the family. Mom and maternal grandma got the salt-and-pepper hair in older age, but I was blessed (?) with alopecia.

Will you be braiding those strands or coloring them for work travel banquets?



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