Hello everyone,

I've had AA for about 15 years and for the last couple of years it developed into AU. I've lost about 45% of my hair and I lost all of my eyebrows and eyelashes and about 80% of my beard and moustache. I've also lost most of my body hair (About 75%). I've been using a lot of topical creams in the past and none was effective. Also I've been taking cortisone injections and tablets which were effective at that time but as soon as I stopped the treatment all of my hair fell out again. So I've decided to go to Dubai and take Xeljanz since I'm reading a lot of success stories from people on this website :)

But I just wanna ask you guys who are taking it, Are you experiencing any side effects? Are you following any type of diet while you're on Xeljanz? Are you taking any supplements? Are there any supplements I shouldn't be taking while I'm on Xeljanz?

I'm currently on a gluten-free diet. And I've read a lot about it and how it helps people with Alopecia but I wonder if you guys are following it or you're just eating normally and still growing hair with Xeljanz.

Any advice would be helpful. I'm really excited to start taking Xeljanz and I hope I can finally grow my hair back. :)

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Hi Ahmed,

I live in Dubai and was wondering if you have had any success with Xeljanz since your post?

Also, is it available to buy via pharmacy here?

Do let me know if you can :)


Hello ZAKKRI - Since you live in Dubai, can you list the pharmacy details (in Dubai) here? It will help others who want to purchase the medication from Dubai.



Hi Ahmed, most of us on Xeljanz have had no serious side effects from it, except weight gain and elevated cholesterol. You don't have to follow a gluten free diet for your hair to grow back on Xeljanz, but it might benefit you in other ways if u are allergic to gluten in wheat products like I am. In my case, gluten affects my respiratory system, giving me asthma type symptoms. Many of us on Xeljanz take Biotin as well. Some have been prescribed Plaquenil and some use Rogaine. But the main component that has regrown our hair is Xeljanz. I personally have experienced complete regrowth of my scalp, eyelashes, eyebrows, etc except under my arms. My hair started growing back in one month after being AU for 6 years. I had the best surge in growth when I increased my doseage to 3 pills a day (15 mgs). Wish u the best!

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