Hey everyone. I recently (last year this time) lost all my hair to Alopecia Areata. After two Kenalog intramuscular injections, it all grew back. Now, a year later, I have three small bald spots and a little bit of shedding.

Today I went in to my derm and got another intramuscular Kenalog shot. My derm is really not informative and seems to really dismiss this disease and is unable to answer or atleast address most of my questions.

I am aware that the intramuscular corticosteroid shots are NOT a long term form of treatment. But since it grows my hair back I wish I could continue to use this. Everywhere online says these should be last resort treatment and taken along with something else to maintain the growth.

Is there something I could be taking every day to help promote hair growth/ stop inflammation instead of relying on solely these intramuscular shots which can have some pretty negative side effects?

Thanks in advance!

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I would keep up what worked.  The injections are considered first or second line of care and The Kenlog injections are “ intralesional“

Ask about cortisone shots in the hip (can sffect your periods, though) and prednisone pills (brittle bones resulting?).

We all know the long term use of corticoid steroids can be harsh.

However, since you had good results with 2 IM injections that's pretty remarkable.( Do you know the dosage you received?)

You might be one of those that respond well to this treatment!

Best of luck!

Be careful and cautious.


This sounds promising. Not a huge dose and so for just three injections.

I hope this works for you!!!

I was recently part of a group study for a product called Intact, a root securing complex. I was losing hair noticeably in the shower and while styling. The product is designed to reduce hair loss when it is most vulnerable for example when washing, blow-drying, flat-ironing, etc. They had me apply Intact all over my scalp 10 minutes before washing my hair, once activated it works for 3 hours. I noticed I had significantly less amount of hair fall out during the shower and less hair on the comb when I was styling. Although it doesn't cure or promote hair growth, it maybe and option to reduce hair loss while styling. The product will be sold to the public in October, but they are taking pre-orders now. Maybe its an option you can look into? 

Have you tried the natural and holistic route? I only suggest this route, because it has given me results. After two years of trial and error- I have my hair and health!  (Thank the Lord and the Heavens) and am now on a mission to help others too. I have posted on my IG account, (same name) with so many articles about people doing treatments, meds, and all with no results or horrible side effects that have led to other illness and issues. I wrote a book and researched so much and am please to share that my client also see results. Try going holistic. It will take time, but your body will heal from the inside out. Don’t ever expect overnight success. No pill will give you that, bu rest assured, mother nature and natural healing has no negative side effects. Wishing you all the best. www.alopeciaangel.com for more info, pictures, testimonials, my story with pics and much more! 



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