My hair is still growing in! I actually had to do a little trim on the piece in the middle back because it was getting long :) Please share if you're having some encouraging growth too!...or if you just want to talk!

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wow thats great news, pleased for u, i have also got regrowth and its still pure white, i have long hairs like 2inches then stubble and some bout an inch long, its growin at all diff stages, is that how ur's has grown in aswell, i cant wait to see if my hair changes colour, will say some prayers for everyone who has regrowth, :) x
All the hair that you can see in the picture has grown in in my natural color, all at different times so they are all different lengths and thicknesses. I don't really have any stubble, but I do have some areas where there are black dots and it seems like it is the beginning of some new hair about to come in...I'm so glad you're having some regrowth too! I think even if it grows in all white, you can always color it...the important thing is that it's there! :)
my hair is coming growing back grey slowy does any one know if that is a good sign.
hey al, My hair is growing back its now a 1 inch long!! Very thick and healthy, Jet black.... quite a bit darker than i was before, but that doesnt matter to me! Do you have any tips on styling? It just looks like a little afro coming and i feel i just look like a boy! I did have hair half way down my back and would love to grow it to that length any hints and tips? Congratulations on everyones regrowth!!! Very pleased =]
I too am experiencing a lot of regrowth - all white at the moment and it takes quite a while for the hair colour to adhere to the hair. The colour is actually a bit harsh because I realize that a day or two after I colour, I lose more hair than usual. I think I am going to try a natural color next time.

Just out of curiosity, what are you doing that is making the difference - is it a treatment, drugs or has something else changed in your life that may be affecting the regrowth?

Funny thing is, I stopped doing all treatments. I think that it may be partially because I moved to a new apartment, and I am away from the stress of my old well as the fact that I started school and I am not at my job anymore. Some big changes in my life that took away a lot of stress. Also, I take a lot of vitamins, especially B6 and B12, which are supposed to help hair growth and reduce stress.
That is wonderful and I think its great that you are able to identify the stressors that were affecting your hair.
Keep it up Jessica!

Jessica, I was deficient in Vitamin B12 and since rectifying this my hair is starting to grow back too.  It's a slow process though.

It's great to see others experiencing regrowth. I recently joined Alopecia World to share my success story with the hope it would help others. I used acupuncture, homeopathics, vitamins, and Latisse. After 6 months of this regiment, I was able to regrow my hair. I actually went for a trim last month. This is a great forum for sharing encouraging growth and I hope others experience the same results.

I'm having some encouraging regrowth too! Not enough to think about not wearing my bonded system anymore, but if all the spots start filling in who knows! Good luck with your regrowth and I'll keep you all posted on mine!

So happy for all the people experiencing regrowth. I hope it stays positive. I stopped taking my thyroid meds almost three months ago and the patches are slowly, very slowly, starting to fill in, I have some peach fuzz stubble and the odd white hair coming in the bald patches. A week ago I had my Mirena IUD removed. I'm hoping that once my body is clear of these meds, maybe my hair will grow in. We'll see. It started falling out last July which was right the time I started the thyroid meds. I've been shaving mine off until it fills in.

I am trying to figure out whether the very short clusters of hair are new hair or just broken hairs falling out. Anyone know? 



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