Has anyone with alopecia areata used a relaxer? What happened after you used it?

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I used a relaxer for years. I can't say that anything really happened. I'm currently transitioning back to my hair natural state. I have been using a mix of water, sage & rosemary leaves (boiled) I spray this mixture on my hair 2xs/daily. I've seen more hairs using this spitz than anything i've ever tried on my hair.

hope this helps :)
I think i will try it, but
what is sage
can you describe it?
hay tamara
I would say nay
It is chemical stuf that you put on your head, i think it can make it worse. There is a natarul mix you can use that is non chemical. Your hairwont get straight( but it will become like a mild relaxing . It is wavy, curly.
I don't use anything at all, just being natural (twist). I have relaxed and had curley, because of alo i dont do it any more. There are lots of info on internet what you can do with your without relaxing or curly.
I am wondering do you have experiance with wigs?
take care

I don't use such things. If I want to relax my body I go to the gym. Talking about mental health good way to relax is to get some fun and distract. As for me online games like here https://wageringadvisors.co.uk/14red-casino-review/ can really help to do this.



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