Do not pay a red cent to these people. The people that run the "RLT diet" are scam artists and just try to take our money. They have you overpay for a mediocre diet that is in their PDF book ($100+) and they promise to send you these vitamins that never arrive in the mail. Please save your money and do not even think about purchasing form them. Let my mistake by your lesson learned. Their website is and it is one big money scheme that provides little to no support with an expensive diet that is not even that healthy to begin with (healthier than the typical american diet but not worth the price). They say that they money goes toward "research"... more like in their pocket  while they do a google search. Just my 2 cents. 

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Hi Jason

I understand that there is a lot of discussion about diet etc and how that may be influencing alopecia.  But everyone needs to understand there is also a lot of anecdotal evidence around these things as always.  At this time there is no cure for alopecia.  Diet is like a treatment choice and some find it helps while others don't.  

 Before anyone tries anything they should do a lot of their own research, don't depend on others opinions for your knowledge base around a cures and treatments. 

I'm sorry this has been an upsetting and costly choice for you.


Wow, I am sorry to hear that - I have enjoyed reading the success stories and other articles on that site.  I tend to agree with some of the information on the site regarding diet, as it seems to have helped my son.  I agree with you though, you have to do your research before investing in something.....

Hi Pam, I do agree with them on diet playing a role with alopecia but they have little to no business sense in that they don't even supply you with what they say they will. You pay for literally a PDF book, it's useless. I'm with you completely on diet but my only point is that people should save their money when looking into RLT. I think their success stories are a result of fixing an underlying cause of lack of nutrition and or allergies for many people who alopecia, there is nothing scientific or proven about their diet. Glad to hear your son is having great success, hope it continues!!


I wish I saw your post earlier. I ordered 3 bottles of the Promune supplement on Dec. 6th and received an email from USPS with a tracking number. The problem is the tracking number still hasn't updated past the pre-shipping screen. I sent an email inquiring about my shipment. I was first told that it was "damaged" and it should go by the next day. As of yet, the USPS tracking number hasn't updated nor have they replied to an additonal email and telephone call. Due to the lack of response I'm receiving to my inquiries and more time passing by I become more doubtful that the order will ever arrive. So, anyone seeing your post or comments below it please be cautious purchasing/ordering from them. While the info sounds accurate/promising, making any purchases should be done so with caution or from a different trusted source.

Also, I guess I should have taken the first warning I received. I purchasted the RLT booklet version 2, and version 1 was mailed to me with a flyer stating they would mail me version 2 when it becomes available. Todate I still haven't received it nor received a response to my email inquiring about it.

Thanks for your post,


Have you tried Biotin?


Sorry to hear you fell victim to this as well. It's truly a shame that Rob Swierski decided to take advantage of people that are dealing with this. Especially by posting pictures of success stories, most likely off of Google. I agree with their premiss of diet helps heal the body but their diet isn't even all that healthy. Let's pay $100 for a booklet and supplements that never arrive, no thank you. I wish there was something that could be done about this. They say that all of their funds go towards "research".... no one needs $ to use google(sad but true). Please no one pay for RLT, I promise it's not worth it and I don't want anyone else to give these people any more money. Thanks for replying Katie, best of luck with your journey.


Try Biotin, it's a vitamin that's helped me, I don't earn anything from it

Hi There,

I have heard biotin helping some people. I get a good amount from my multivitamin. Best of luck to you! :) 

You may want to try biotin on its own, are u sure it's all in your multivitamin!

I have the exact same story as you Katie, I entered the monitored program and bought the supplements, etc. in late December and haven't heard a word from them. Until then, they had been very responsive, answering e-mails instantly, encouraging me to begin the program. Same story about the USPS tracking number, etc., kooks like a familiar pattern! I've left numerous messages and sent e-mails as well but no response. I am on day 5 of the diet and plan to continue for four weeks with or without them, but what a huge disappointment. I also wish I had seen this earlier. Good luck on your end,


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