Any one out there from Canada?? Saskatchewan maybe ????

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There are many Canadians here. The founder of 'Alopecia World' is Canadian (I believe), but now lives in the USA.

I'm not Canadian but am part of the Commonwealth so thought I'd say hi. :) (From NZ)


Hello, I am new to all this.....Thanks for writing . You have Alopecia ????

Hey there,
Although not from Saskatchewan, I'm from your neighboring province Manitoba. Welcome to the site. There is a group on here of Canadians that you can join. (Ps - I miss my eyebrows most too!)
Warm Wishes,

Hi there! I am originally from Regina, but have lived in Vancouver for 17 years. Have you found other alopecians from Saskatchewan?

Yes a few....Dont get on here much . Nice to meet you!!

Great to hear you have connected with other alopecians in Saskatchewan! Wish I had done the same when I lived there; would have made such a difference.

I have just taken on the position of Executive Director, Global Alopecia Mission Canada. If you are on Facebook, check us out. You are also welcome to simply private message me here on AlopeciaWorld. I would love to connect with more Canadians and bring our national community together.

Cheers. : )

HI ,
Im from Ottawa, but grew up in Winnipeg, so think of myself as a prairie girl. I have scarring alopecia - where once your hair falls out , it , for sure, is never, ever going to come back. Check out the Canadian Skin Patient alliance.. There is going to be a patient conference in October and there will be lots of alopecia patients attending. I am going. I too miss my eyebrows, but am thinking at least I can get tattoos for those.
I'm new to this site.


Hi, I'm from Lloydminster not sure where you're at. I've had alopecia for 11 months, and has progressed to AU. I do have my eyebrows but only because I get them injected with steroids monthly. I did lose them totally, it's taken about 6 months to get them back. So I guess right now I miss my eyelashes the most!



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