I have had alopecia for 30 years, its part of who I am, I've dealt with it and live it with just fine.
Now I have two amazing kids.... a few weeks ago I noticed my sons beautiful thick lashes have a clump missing on the top left eye and his right eyebrow is thinning out.
His head is fine and I see no signs of anythign, but I AM FREAKING OUT... can this really happen to my kids.. the thought of it makes my stomach turn. I know alopecia generally begins with hair on your head, certainly that has been my experience.. but can it start with the eyes.. and what is the genetic component here... should I wait and see or should I book a dr. appt. TOMORROW.

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Book a dermatologist, not doctor, appointment for your own peace of mind. If it is in fact genetic, then there's not much to be done. Be careful about chemicals or steroids on kids. Do you have pets? (see my blog)
Hi Julia

Yes, this can happen to your children, but it is rare that it does. In my experience, I have meet mothers and children in the same family who have alopecia. So, there does sometimes seem to be a genetic link.

Don't panic - you will be able to deal with this and as you know this is very early days if indeed your son does have alopecia areata.

You are the best person to help him with this condition if that is what he has. Like Tallgirl has advised get off to the Derm and see what they say. Other than that take it one step at a time and think how you want to handle this with him.

If I can be of further help just let me know.

Yes, alopecia can begin with the eye lashes. When I was in seventh grade, my first hairloss was with all my left eyelashes. I'm now a senior in highschool, and completely hairless (and loving it!)! I wish you and your son luck :)



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