I am convinced that alopecia is a nutritional issue.  I have avoided posting to the discussion until now because I was so discouraged with the loss of hair that my child was experiencing and the lack of hope and a cure from doctors and those who have suffered from this condition.  I started reading every piece of information that I could find that might offer a solution to this problem for my teenage daughter who developed this condition in the fourth grade.  She is now in the eight grade.  I started her on a regimen of vitamins to include a multivitamin and colostrum that I ordered from synertek.  I also use the colostrum shampoo from the same company and l-glutamine.  I saturate her hair with the shampoo which contains several essential oils along with the colostrum.  I cover her hair with a plastic bag and let her keep it on for at least two hours each day.  I have also changed her diet to include organic vegetables and meat with minimal breads, potatoes, and sweets.  These are only allowed for special occasions.  I cook the vegetables in coconut oil.  My child had progressed to total loss of hair on the scalp.  I am happy to report that this regimen along with prayer has resulted in hair regrowth with only three small patches of hair loss.  This includes hair growth around the edges and bony parts of her head where we were told that the hair would probably never regrow by the dermatologists.  I just could not bear subjecting her to the steroid injections that did not work.  We have also eliminated fast food consumption.  Her hair is short but we are hopeful that the length will increase with a little more time.

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Did you grow all of your hair back? What do you eat on a regular basis? Do you follow a particular diet? So happy for you, that is amazing! Congrats :)

I'm really happy for your daughter Angie.  What a relief that must be.  I must say though, I don't think diet had anything to do with her recovery.  In fact, in my experience, diet supplements and vitamins, just made my problem worse. For most of us, Alopecia is due to an overactive immune system.   The more you boost the immune system with vitamins etc. the worse it gets. I've had a very healthy diet for most of my adult life and I've had Alopecia for 10 years.  I wish it was that simple. Cortisone injections are practically painless by the way and worked great for me (when I just had little bald spots).  If your daughter has little spots left, that might just be the trick to filling in the rest of her hair.

This is interesting feedback.  I actually had the same experience. Always was such a healthier eater and then when my hair started to fall out, I thought I could "fix it" with even more refined diet. Spent $$$$ with naturopaths and used a lot of expensive supplements and strict food choices - I swear I swear it made things worse. Of span of perhaps years, I had lost a few spots here and there and things would regrow on their own. I didn't even realie I had a condition called alopecia! Then when I noticed huge shedding,  I went into crisis mode, increased my immune system boosters as you mentioned - and all my hair fell out in a week.   I wish it was as simple as diet, too.  It bothers me greatly when people say, "Oh, have you tried Vitamin B?" Like I've just overlooked that one small detail and if I take those little pills, the AU will magically disappear!

I am not convinced one little bit that it has anything to do with diet.  I eat very well.... cooked meats, vegetables raw and cooked, dairy, starches, a wide variety of foods.  We don't do fast food very often (pizza once in a while) but 95% of the time its home cooked.  My hair fell out very suddenly, and very fast.  Sort of all of a sudden.  And nothing had changed in my diet, nor my routine, nor my stress levels, nor my work conditions, nor my home situation.  It was out of the blue.

I think its genetic.  I have a cousin who has had alopecia  since she was young.  She is a few years younger than me. However I did experience a summer of severe hives for the first time in my life a little over 1 year before my hair fell out... however all of the hives were on my lower torso.  I saw specialists about this, and they ruled this (the hives) as an auto immune condition too.

I think alopecia currently has no answers.  It is what it is, until researchers find more answers.  Don't knock yourself out with diet restrictions, treatments, and self recrimination. You have not done anything wrong, and there is probably nothing you can do to correct it until answers are found by researchers who can pin point its cause.  Accept it, live with it, and adapt to it.  Acceptance makes life a whole lot peaceful.  And hair really is over-rated.  It's cosmetic, and so is baldness :)  Both can be beautiful :)  Smiles are the best thing to look at, not the hair or the scalp :)

Staring is optional, but we can have fun with that too :)

I was thinking about this issue - the one about diet and alopecia today.  You know - would anyone go up to someone with Parkinson's disease or Down's syndrome and say, "Oh, did you try a gluten free diet?"  No!  Because it's genetic.   You can't reverse Down's and you can't completely halt Parkinson's with diet tweeking.  Why do some people assume all alopecia cases can be reversed by mere change of the menus.  As many of us say - we HAVE made those changes and it's made no difference at all.    

I agree with what you said, Kathleen, 100 percent, by the way.  And smiles are the best remedy for just about anything!

Honestly,  I did not assume anything.  I had gone to the doctors and tried the steroids and what the medical profession had to offer.  Nothing worked for my child.  So I started searching and I only reported my experience because this has been the only thing to work for us.  I only wanted to share my experience in hopes of being able to help someone else. By the way, my child was not smiling and no matter what I told her or how often anyone else smiled at her nothing made it better.

Thank you for sharing this! People seem to forget different things work for different people! I wish your daughter all the best with her regrowth

Angie, thank you for your post.  I definately think that dietary changes do not work for all - but they do for some, and its wonderful to share the information.  When my son was first diagnosed with AA, the medical dr said diet has absolutely no influence, the Naturopath and Chiropractor said diet has everything to do with it - who to believe? He did make the dietary changes and his hair grew back.  The medical dr claims it was not the diet change, his hair grew back on its own - we'll never really know!  The happy ending is that his hair has grown back fully and he has adopted a healthy way of eating for life.

I wish the same success for your daughter!


That's great Angie I totally agree that diet and especially essential oils work! I would suggest to start also rubbing emu oil on her hair I know sounds weird but it is supposed to awaken sleeping follicles and is the most fast absorbing oil ever known to man (so I've researched) I have been using it along with castor oil and several other oils and have gotten so much hair growth! Hair doesn't even shed when I apply and comb later! Try it!! I will start a post soon with before and progress photos!! Good luck !!

I also am not sure that my sudden hair loss (90% in 4/5 weeks - late February/March 2014) is diet related.  All of my blood work results came back showing no deficiencies.  I too am a healthy eater…lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, no red meat and never fast food.  I do believe that for me it was worry and stress (my dad passed away while I was visiting him 8/2013) that caused my hair to fall out.  What I still don't quite understand (and no doctor could explain to me) is why is fell out so quickly 6 months later. I have, in the past (3 years ago), had some "patches" that I did get the steroid injections and they worked. Weird thing is that never before the patches did I ever have a problem until now.  I am seeing some hair regrowth but I still emotionally can't deal with what has happened to me. By the way I am a 58 year old woman.

I first lost all my hair at the age of 8, and have been on a path to figuring it out. I'm now 30, and started seeing a holistic doctor, and she told me to go gluten free, and grass fed meat. I'm also taking probiotics everyday, and in just one month my hair started coming back!! Try having her go gluten free, or even better doing the paleo diet(way of living). I truly feel it's the foods we eat. I hope this helps because I remember what it was like at her age. God bless and good luck! I believe this is all linked in with having proper gut bacteria. Look up leaky gut. What happens is the food you eat is being absorbed threw the digestive system and into the blood stream. Your ammune system goes crazy and attacks the wrong things. Also drink bone broth daily if possible, grass fed only. This repairs.

Congratulations to everyone who has found their answer for regrowth.  As the medical profession have no answers for Alopecia, there are no wrong answers!



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