I am convinced that alopecia is a nutritional issue.  I have avoided posting to the discussion until now because I was so discouraged with the loss of hair that my child was experiencing and the lack of hope and a cure from doctors and those who have suffered from this condition.  I started reading every piece of information that I could find that might offer a solution to this problem for my teenage daughter who developed this condition in the fourth grade.  She is now in the eight grade.  I started her on a regimen of vitamins to include a multivitamin and colostrum that I ordered from synertek.  I also use the colostrum shampoo from the same company and l-glutamine.  I saturate her hair with the shampoo which contains several essential oils along with the colostrum.  I cover her hair with a plastic bag and let her keep it on for at least two hours each day.  I have also changed her diet to include organic vegetables and meat with minimal breads, potatoes, and sweets.  These are only allowed for special occasions.  I cook the vegetables in coconut oil.  My child had progressed to total loss of hair on the scalp.  I am happy to report that this regimen along with prayer has resulted in hair regrowth with only three small patches of hair loss.  This includes hair growth around the edges and bony parts of her head where we were told that the hair would probably never regrow by the dermatologists.  I just could not bear subjecting her to the steroid injections that did not work.  We have also eliminated fast food consumption.  Her hair is short but we are hopeful that the length will increase with a little more time.

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Italy, how wonderful! I hear a lot about stress being a factor in hair loss to. I believe it!!!as for how long I've had alopecia....about 22 years. Started when I was 8. When I turned 25 my thyroid started acting up, and now I'm on a high level of cynthroid. This past year I couldn't get out of bed, I felt like I had mono and would sleep all day and night, I knew something was wrong. I also gained about 35 pounds. Starting see a woman who does holistic med. because doctors could not help me, and she told me to get my liver checked. I'm now having complications with it. Next month I'll be getting a colonoscopy done to find out more and take that info to her. I have high hopes though and feel better now then I have in the past 10 years. Anyways, there must be a big time change from where you are from here. Hope studies are going well for you!!
The only supplements I'm taking is probiotics and a multivitamin

My point is - it's great when someone has a success but it doesn't mean everyone's alopecia is caused by poor diet or nutritional insuffiency.I'm reading what you eat and that's exactly what I eat.   Fermented foods, bone broths, etc etc. And it's not because I have alopecia I adopted this diet - I've been eating this sort of diet for last 30 years.  So it bothers me when people say they've had a success and they feel everyone's alopecia is caused by some sort of diet issue.    I'm telling you I'm eating the same way you eat and it's not 'new' to me - I've been doing this for 30 years. I've had AU for 14 years. I"ve been tested for all food allergies, celiac, chrohn's etc etc.   So, it's great avenue to explore but please people if you are having success - just say it's what is working for you - don't make the statement that the root of all alopecia is nutritional.  

Tuesday, with all due respect, Angelica never made any claims about the root of alopecia being nutritional. She said that diet plays a prominent role in all autoimmune diseases, there is absolutely no denying that. 80% of our immune system lies within our gut. Many people eat a healthy and clean diet but still have GI issues that they are unaware of that cause other reactions in the body. It may be different for you, no one knows for sure. At the same time, just because someone is having success through diet changes, we should not steer them away from sharing this news with the community. It is all very helpful as we are all in search for something that may work for us. There have been countless stories about people changing their diet and lifestyle and it having a positive impact on their life and hair growth. Others, it may be a more complicated situation. I'm happy that Angelica shared her success and wish that others continue to do so. Without it, we have no hope. Just because it hasn't worked for you, doesn't mean it won't work for someone else. I understand why you would be frustrated but don't take other successes personally.  Please let people openly voice their opinion, I do not think anyone should be held back from what they truly feel helped them on their journey to hair regrowth, every piece of information is valuable to someone out there.  I wish you the best of luck on your journey with alopecia and in living a healthy life. Thank you Angelica for sharing your story and thank you Tuesday for sharing yours as well. Take care. 

Jason-thank you

Well said Jason - this is an amazing site and I truly value the time everyone takes to share their success stories!

I agree exactly with what you say Jason which is why I persist in explajning I have eaten whole foods, gluten free, unprocessed diet rich with fermented foods and broth most if my life and still have autoimmune conditions.  I certainly don't think people should eat fast food but I want people to know not everyone will cure their alopecia.  I often reflect perhaos my healthy lifestyle prevents further issues like ms or lupus but how does one know. I would hate to develop multiple sclerosis or severe lupus and people tell me it's my fault because I ate a particular way. There are many variables and unknowns.

I'm not a doctor but I know people often look to food allergies/sensitivities after a clean diet.  Stress and environmental factors can also play a significant role in AI issues. Maybe you should look into the chemicals and toxins that may be around you that could cause such a harsh immune reaction. Just a few of my thoughts, you probably know all of this but with AI issues, there are a lot of factors to consider and diet is just one of them. Reducing the toxic load (air, water, etc) in your home can only help matters. Good luck! 

Thanks Jason  -  I appreciate your patient and thoughtful replies. I'm actually going to restart the gluten free just so I can know "once and for all" if it helps.   Thanks for your help!

No problem at all. As far as the gluten free diet goes, I did it for about a year being paleo and did not see any results. Some people are able to see results though and based on what I have read, I do not think gluten should be consumed by anyone with autoimmune diseases. And taking it a step further, gluten free processed food is just as bad. I purchased an air purifier in my home and a high quality water filter. I'm going to start using natural products (toothpaste and deodorant), just looking to focus on limiting my environmental toxins. I don't think it will have a direct impact on bringing my hair back, but I think in the long run, it will help. I'm going to start the GAPS diet next month, which is at the route of healing the gut. I'm going to stay consistent with the healing foods, probiotics, and be patient as skin and hair issues take much longer to resolve than other issues. Lastly, I'm going to focus on the emotional aspect of the whole healing process. I'm going to believe that body has the capability to heal, regenerate, and reproduce the hair that it once did. Practicing gratitude for all that I have and really believing in all that I am doing to improve my health. I believe these small measures will go a long way in reclaiming my health back because it focuses on all aspects, diet, environmental, emotional, etc. If we can attack it from all angles, we have no other option but to at least be a lot healthier. Best of luck and please keep me posted on how things are going for you. 


I am just new to this site...Went on Paleo Approach for Autoimmune - which is typical Paleo then also excludes nightshade veggies, eggs, caffeine and chocolate and alcohol. With in a few days my AA started getting peach fuzz...it had not grown previous to that, for months. I do receive steroid injections and that seemed to have helped only in the site of the injection and then the site surrounding the injection I lose more hair :(. Well after 7 weeks of being successful with the paleo approach...I have had a few items here or there ( chocolate or coffee) and now my new hair growth is still growing but I am losing more hair at the hairline ...I just wonder if that one chocolate bar, or dozen coffees over the course of two weeks, and red wine...were the cause...:( after Easter I am going to be super strict to PA again.

Just thought I would share...

HAHA. Prayer.



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