Are there any ladies who keep their shaved after regrowth/in between bad patches? Even if the few patches existing are small? 

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I have a lot of regrowth and am keeping my head shaved for now.  Since I have had a lot of skin cancer around my hair line I feel more comfortable being able to see my skin.  My head looks a lot like yours.  Did you shave your own head?  I have been getting my done but would like to know what kind of razor I should use to start doing it myself. 

Yes I shave mine myself with my husband's clippers with no guard. He has a small yellow battery operated one that is lighter and easier to use. You can find it at Walmart. In this pic you can't see the patches but they were almost the size of my fist. (2) they have mostly grown in and my hair is about 1/2 an inch long and you can still see patches of scalp. I think it's ugly and liked it better bald. I don't want to shave it if I don't have to but I also don't want to grow it just to have it fall back out. I already know there are 2 new spots forming right on top. And I've already gone back to "monkeying" over them in the mirror which is a dreadful obsession that I was free from while it was shaved.

I also looked in the mirror all the time when I had hair but don't do that now.  My head is really ugly because I have lpp which is a scarring alopecia but still feel more at peace with my head shaved.  I will look at razors at Walmart because it would save a lot of time and money to do it myself.  Do you know what brand your razor is?

Do cover bad spots with hair fiber could be a solution?
The clipper brand is Wahl. On another note, problem solved. The decision was made easy with a new spot right up front.

Thank you for the brand.  I will be getting a razor this week.

Yes!  I have AGA so I still have hair, and it is much thicker on the sides/back.  I shave it, but not as often as I would like because my scalp is very sensitive so it can't seem to handle much shaving.  I will usually use the electric clippers without a guard to get it very short, and then I shave it.  I use the "headblade" razor.  It is wonderful.  It gets my head smooth. 



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