Hi everyone,

I was wondering...how long does the shedding last? I have diffuse alopecia areata and I'm losing hair on my scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, etc. It's been nineteen months and I can't take this anymore. I am feeling nausea everytime I wash my hair now or see it all come out at the ends of my hair. I see my eyebrows and eyelashes scattered around the bathroom counter every day. Has anyone noticed anything that makes the shedding less? I just started minoxidil because I have lost so much at this point. I know it makes the shedding worse for a while. It"s just so traumatizing seeing a part of your body fall off of you everyday for so long.

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I have been shedding since 2005 when I was five years old I was diagnosed with alopecia areata I am now twelve years old almost thirteen (on august twenty ninth)

Then again I have like two month time periods when I do not shed then four to seven months of sheding then two months of regrowth then on and on again.

thanks for all your replies, i am still shedding profusely. i probably shed close to 300 hairs a day. Jessica, i can't imagine how hard it is for you since this has been going on since '05. is it diffuse all over, or do you get patches? my part has widened and scalp is showing through, i have sort of jagged patches, not totally bald ones.



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