Hello everyone, so lately I've been thinking about medication and injections and if they would help my hair regrow. However I've had AU for about 16 years I got it when I was 2 and I'm about to be 18. I have always thought if my hair comes back I would want it to come back naturally and not have to ingest pills or put chemicals in my body. Since I am about to turn 18 and still have never had any hair, I think I might like to try. If anyone could give me recommendations for medication I should research like a specific treatment I would greatly appreciate it.

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Now all are speaking about xelijanz it's working  good ...se the discussions and pictures ...

Yes I saw a few discussions about it I'll have to look into it more, thankyou

You've dealt with this for 16 years so I'd wait a bit longer to see how the Xeljanz trials work out. So far it's the most promising treatment we've seen. Hope is actually on the horizon! 

Fingers x'd !!!

Hang in there!

Yeah it would be a while if I did decide, thankyou

Hi! McKenzie..


I am from Monterrey, Mexico; I have had Alopecia almost the last 14 years. But I got AU for about 4 years. I have tried a lot of things doctors, treatments, injections and ALL that stuff. For me, it was the most painfull thing I have ever did (injections) and it was about 3 months and it went all well :) I was so happy that I had the answer. An my doctor told me that I have to rest 3 months because it was too much medicine for my body and that stuff. In those 3 months I was in rest, all my hair that re-grow it fell.

But, everybody is different so give it a try. 

McKenzie, you are so blessed! As of today we found about a compounding pharmacist who will put Xeljanz into a cream form to be used topically, so its safer for your entire system. For those interested, that info is on the Stanford Trial, Part 2 discussion. It was posted today by a woman named Jags. If you want to know how to get Xeljanz, which is normally $3,000 a month FOR FREE, please read my discussion titled "From Totally Bald to Regrowth in One Month!". Your timing is good.



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