I know that it might sound silly, but i had been told before that the there is a correlation between eating spicy food and alopecia. In my case it might be true cause i used indeed to eat very spicy food.

have you ever heard of this before? Does it happen to you too?

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That's a new one! Sounds like an old wives tale to me ... but who knows.

So, how many of you spicy alopecians sprinkle curry powder on your wheaties??
Well if that was the case then the hair should grow back once you stop eating spicy food since reactions to food don't last more than a couple of days so it isn't likely but who knows anything is possible and doctors don't fully understand possible causes of alopecia.
I've not ever heard this theory. I'd would discount it - look around at cultures who eat highly spicy foods on regular basis - are they mostly bald? No. I know a lot of people who enjoy hot spicy foods and they don't have alopecia. If anything, given the healthful benefits of many spices, I would say it would be good for us to eat hot spices.
hehehe! I totally agree it sounds silly and, like Cleopatra said, "old wives tale" but it seems it was not only me who heard this before. I had been told by my doctor in Copenhagen - Denmark. And it is true that i did follow an regime, and now i eat less spicy food, but it had no visible effect.
Our diet does indeed contribute to the state of our health and the western diet is very acidic - the combination of spice with acidic foods and beverages such as red meat, most shellfish, dairy products, alcohol, caffeine and chocolate will cause an imbalance in most people in some way unless they have a very strong constitution.

A diet for people with alopecia should be more alkaline - lots of fresh vegetables, tofu, whole grains such as brown rice. Water should be sipped at regular intervals throughout the day rather than in large quantities a few times a day.

Well, there's no general answer to this because when I had these issues I was eating spicy food. Although, I tried to search for the best ingredients in order to avoid any risk. I even happened to order it. on postcode finder, I was checking my postal code (I moved often and couldn't remember my current one) and just waited for my food.



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