My question why nobody is really studying sulfasazine ? 


No important side effect

and the little studies that made after 3 months have good effect ...

So why? 

I'm using mesalazine ( a derivate ) for a a medical colits and after only 15 days not only my colitis better but a lot of hairs more (in eyebrwon, body, head)...i read that xelijanz begin to work in 3 months mine personal case mesalazina(that is not effective like sulfasazine) work a lot of faster...of course i must see what happens in next month(my doctor said that also if my colitis now is good i must use metalazine minimum for other 3 months)....

here some link about sulfasazine

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Hello Kat how much are you taking and from how  many nonths?

have you tried to help the sulfa putting in alopecic areas minoxidil? I think it can help .

i meet it's also in cream i think it's good also use the cream

I have that cream but havent used it much. I wasnt sure it was working. I take 3000 mg a day (3 one thousand mg pills). You can get it at Whole Foods or Sprouts or other similar grocery stores and it isn't expensive. Ive considered doing steroids just to kick start the last part but the last time i took steroids they weren't taking. I just started incorporating some biotin too, but only in the last month so i know that's not what is doing it.



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