Hello everyone,

I have been reading your posts for over a year now and finally decided to join in. I am 66 and last year I lost all of my hair, out of the blue, over a period of 1 week. I have a close friend that had AA in her 40's and lived with the loss for 2 years before her hair grew back. She said it happened during a stressful time in her life but then she learned that her father had it so for her it is genetic. She's 68 now and hasn't suffered another attack. What she told me gave me hope, she said: "There are many, many success stories like hers that we don't hear about."  This is so true, like me not joining until now over a year later but I happen to be an extreme case with no hair in sight. Well, little vellus hairs that never seem to be more than peach fuzz. Lol

I have learned more about this disease from this site to the point of asking my doctors about the different treatments. I worked with a nutritionist for a year, took tons of supplements, tried oils on my scalp and I am gluten, dairy, and sugar-free. No caffeine or alcohol either. Nothing has helped so far. I won't give up though!

I am now seeing a Functional Doctor who is a detective at heart. She did prescribe LDN 4.5 mg a day and  ran some additional blood tests. She's adjusted my thyroid medication and added some metabolic supplements. I am looking into Xeljanz and have started applying Minoxidil 7% to my scalp. After about 6 months of  Kenalog injections, I decided it wasn't helping enough for the damage it was doing to my body. I ride horses competitively and have occasional falls, steroids weaken bones, so I decided it was too risky. 

This has been an incredibly humbling journey, I believe I will have hair again and when that day comes I will be the happiest woman on earth. I will post my progress from now on and continue reading about yours.

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good luck
good chances that xeljanz works

Hey Carlie,

I love what your friend said about us not seeing many posts about the success stories, because it is true, if you had alopecia for a couple months or years and then it all grew back, many people would not seek out forums like this to write about their stories. Wouldnt that be nice if they all did?

When you say you have peach fuzz, is it the same color as your hair before it fell out?

I can relate to you on so many levels, this darn Alopecia has humbled me so much. Please keep us updated on what works for you. I am in the stage of hair shedding, but it has been about 3 months and I have lost about 50 % of hair. I'm praying something starts working, as I am only 21 and would love to be able to keep my hair. 

Nice to speak with you!

Hi Kendall,

Knowing what I know now I would have changed my diet completely to as healthy as possible. I've learned that the inflammation in our bodies is the root cause of many problems but don't overlook your thyroid as it plays a crucial role in your overall health. I started taking thyroid medication when I was 21 but never took it seriously so didn't always take it like I should have. I would immediately eliminate all sugar from my diet, including fruits. The steroid shots helped but my hair shed as soon as I stopped. The peach fuzz is white. Believe it, see it and think positive thoughts. Practice the Secret. I'm sure it will come back. Also, I would see a functional doctor that is more open to the holistic approach. I wish you all the best, hugs and prayers.



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