I am a syndicated real estate columnist. This week I asked my local editor if I could write a column on alopecia, a far cry from real estate. He agreed because he feels I'm enough of a local personality to carry it off. And he said, "Who knows about alopecia?"

So I wrote the column, and I'll post it on my blog after it is published in the paper. (I don't want to "scoop" it!)

The ironly of this whole thing is I have a 62-year-old husband with a full head of hair who shaves his head! He loves his Panama and Fedora hats, but he doesn't like the line they made in his hair...the dread Hat Head look.

So for now I have hair with patches but we soon may be bookends!

And my editor also shaves his head because he has a receding hairline. He said, "Who would have thought the three of us would have the same 'do'?" LOL.

I think my husband's shaved head is sexy, and hope if it comes to that, he will, too!

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That's awesome that you're promoting Alopecia awareness! I'm trying to do the same with my group of friends.
And lucky you to have a bald husband! I think bald men can be so incredibly sexy.
Happy New Year!
I have a friend who does that, too! She has a full head of hair and a closet full of wigs. Go figure!



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