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Just wondering if Vit D actually works for anybody?

I worked in Kenya for 3 years and my hair grew back - I spent a huge amount of time in the sun, since then I have moved to work in Bangkok where although it is sunny, I spend a lot more of my time inside and don't actually get a lot of sun. My hair has started falling out again which is a major bummer....I have 2 medium sized patches.

So does vitamin D work? Many people talk about their shedding cycles - losing their hair in the winter, so this would tie in with the sun theory.

In addition to this, talking to people in Mombasa they have never heard of alopecia. I honestly can't say I've ever seen someone with alopecia in the tropics - wig or no wig, I'm pretty good at spotting it after having it since I was 9 (now 32). When I go back to the UK I see so many people with patches of hair missing or no hair, and wearing scarves and wigs. Could it actually be linked to Vitamin D? Or is that a high oversimplification?

Anybody with experience with taking Vitamin D would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance :)


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There are scientific research that vitamin D is very useful in many diseases. It 'very important to its role in the inflammatory and autoimmune disease. An Italian study of 2012 shows the correlation between vitamin d3 and psoriasis. I start this Monday to take sublingual vitamin d3 2000ui/day and let you know the results I get with this integration. I start this care: potassium ascorbate + Biotin + vitamin d3 5mg/day 2000ui/day

Vitamins and minerals play a huge part in hair loss and other problems, as this is what our bodies run on.  Yes Vitamin D deficiency can cause hair loss, I live in Australia so my Vit D is ok, however my hair loss was due to vit B12 and iron ferritin deficiency. 

i thought that the growth of hair is as a process that needs several elements, everyone missing something to complete this process. someone lacks vitamin d3 in other biotin in others b12 etc.

then you're cured from this disease?


I think you are on to something. Yes I totally think it has something to do w/ vitamin d. My son got alopecia areata just one day out of the blue. As a mom freaking out I starting researching and analyzing his life. 19 years old and never in the sun...always on computer with friends... no outdoor activities. Hates being in the sun and says the sun is bad for you because of skin cancer. Freaking doctors scare the crap of  people that the sun is so bad and you have to where sunscreen 24/7. When you actually need the sun for your body. You need at least 15 min. a day of sunshine. Growing up in the 70s 80s we never used sun screen and I never heard of alopecia. Anyways I ways convinced that lack of sun and vitamin d was the cause of my sons alopecia so I started him on vitamin d supplements and I make him get sun every week. His grew back and no new patches. There is actually a study that was done and 85% of people with AA had a deficiency in vitamin d. I really think people should start taking vitamin d and see if it helps.

Take care



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