My Doctor has just recommended that I try this product called Thymaskin. After looking at the research it seems very different from other hair growing products. I am curious to know if anyone else has tried this product and what kind of results if any they had.

this is the website if your curious.

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There are no independent studies to be found on this product. It is marketed heavily to the alopecia community. They produce their own reports and claims that are not replicated by anyone else. So that's not good science. On what basis did the doctor ( was it a licensed medical doctor?) recommend it. The doctor should be able to provide a reasoned explanation and verify the rationale, purpose and risks to you.....or do you think the doctor thought the best thing to do was to give you an activity to do while you wait to see if your AA turns off by itself? I would be very upfront and ask the doctor how he/she came up with this idea.
Well I am not really sure. He is supposedly one of the bet doctors in the country... and I know we have probably all had our share of great doctors but he is a Western MD as well as a Chinese Medicine Doctor. I agree that good science would show this product in a number of different studies. I am curious you said that this product is marketed to the Alopecia community, have you tried it? Or do you know anybody that has?
Hey Kristin!
I've tried thymuskin before. I've never really used it religiously like they say to, so I"m not sure exactly of the results. I honestly don't think it made a difference for me but I know that every single person is different and things that work for one person don't work for another. I think it was quite expensive, but I wouldn't say it made any improvement in the growth of my hair. Sometimes, it soothed my scalp if it was feeling irritated though.
Good luck :)



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