My daughter developed AA at 11 months old. This was around the time we transitioned from formula and rice cereal to a general diet.  She had rather rapid hair loss over the next three months, though she was developing regrowth in her earlier patches.   We then started a gluten free diet. Within two weeks we noticed a significant change in her bowels: firm,  not diarrhea-like, and only 2/day instead of 4-6/day. She continued to lose more hair for the next few months and then it stopped. She has not lost hair in over a month.  I was elated, and of course convinced there was a connection between her alopecia and gluten. Over the weekend (friday night) she was unintentionally given gluten (wheat starch in sweet potatoe fries).  She seemed fine Saturday.  Sunday morning she had a large, loose bowel movement (as before).  Sunday night when I was bathing her I noticed a hair in the bathtub......then several hairs in her comb when combing her hair afterward. I don't know if there is a connection with her ingesting the gluten?  Would it effect her hair that quickly?  Any thoughts on how long it takes to recover from an accidental ingestion? I would appreciate any input.



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Try to look into leaky gut syndrome. Sounds like my son. Started losing at 18 mos and all gone by 3 years old, including eyebrows and eyelashes. He is now going on 7, with light fuzz all over. Sometimes it seems that he will turn the corner, but it is difficult for him to stick to a restricted diet. The problem is related to more than just gluten, but other food that is getting into the bloodstream.



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