In 2020 I was diagnosed with FFA. Treatment had been steroid cream across the hairline and temple. Ointment on my eyebrows. A year ago my doctor put me on doxycycline. Not crazy that I’m on it due to many side effects. Last appointment he said I could discontinue use of the steroid cream across the hairline and continue to use doxycycline, which is daily. This summer I have had high sensitivity to the sun and it’s created several new skin issues. Horrible blistered eczema and fungal in areas. Doxycycline causes high sensitivity to the sun and was told it’s all brought on by sun exposure. I use sunscreen and spf lip balm. I was also diagnosed in 2021 with celiac disease so everything I use is gluten-free. I took myself off of doxy tablet this past week and I’ll be talking to my doctor but I’m curious if anybody else has been on the same course of treatment and what your thoughts are and impact. I have several chronic skin issues across my body that I have to use creams and ointments for and so over it but what can I do? Thank you in advance for any responses.

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