Anyone had the vaccine, or is going to get vaccinated? Or maybe someone who had covid with Alopecia?

As Alopecia is an alteration in the immune system, maybe a more active immune response against a specific protein. That is what I hear from my dermatologist. I am afraid the vaccine might trigger a dangerous response. Please start the discussion

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Hello! I plan to get vaccinated when I am able. My mother has an autoimmune disease that leaves her unable to live independently. Since she lives in a nursing facility, she is in line to be vaccinated as soon as medical professionals are dosed in her state. She and her friends, all who have disabling autoimmune diseases, will likely be vaccinated a year before me based on where we will and distribution plans. I plan to wait and see what happens with them (as they have no choice). I expect autoimmune conditions will react similarly, regardless of condition. Time will tell.....

I heard vitamin d is very important in this pandemic. Anyone with Alopecia got covid? Let us know, no-one can tell us if alopecia is a serious risk factor when infected with covid.

I am having the vaccine tomorrow Sunday 17th January  I have done so much research and frankly have got nowhere with it.  I am concerned about the vaccine as I have AU but I am so anxious I will catch Covid so trying to weigh it all up is a nightmare

Have you contacted your doctor? I am planning on doing it, but I think they do not know either. Consider to let us know how it went and how you feel after vaccination, it might be important for the Alopecia community.

Had it this morning, arm is aching and headache but that is all so far. Had a good chat to GP but, although they don’t expect any problems regarding autoimmune but they don’t really know as the trials were healthy adults. I will see how it goes over the next couple of weeks as my immunity kicks in and report back 

Thank you so much, very helpful!

@desperatedanyell How are you feeling since your vaccine? Any issues? 

I have no issues so far. My main concern is acquiring an additional autoimmune immune condition. I am currently 8 days in from the vaccine so my immune system hasn’t been given time to kick in properly yet so I’m keeping my fingers crossed all will be well.  I will report again in another week or so. 

Thanks for the update Danyell!

Thank you, glad to see you have no issues so far. 

How are you doing?

I was just researching this last night but more in relation to Xeljanz and Covid-19 vaccine. This is what I found:

Since mRNA vaccines, including the Pfizer vaccine, are not live vaccines, they are perfectly safe to give to our rheumatic disease patients, even the ones that are immune suppressed. There is a small risk of a temporary inflammatory arthritis flare. About 5% of inflammatory arthritis patients will flare after the shingles vaccine, and we suspect the risk of flare is similar. Patients taking some medications, including methotrexate, rituximab, or Xeljanz may not have a good response to the vaccine. We recommend that patients on methotrexate, hold the methotrexate for 2 weeks after the first and second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. For those patients on rituximab infusions, we recommend waiting until 4 months after your last infusion, to start the vaccine series. If you are taking Xeljanz, we suggest holding the Xeljanz for 7 days after both doses of the vaccine. All other rheumatic disease drugs are safe to continue.



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