Hello!  My husband and I are researching the Vegan lifestyle and I was wondering if anyone has had success with the Vegan diet.  I have been gluten free for over a year.  I have had mixed results with my hair growth.  It will grow back, then fall out again (You all know!)  But I still don't feel like my body is healed.  All of the research I'm reading is really amazing to me, regarding "going Vegan".  Just curious if anyone has or is trying this.  Thank you!

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Kteacher, I am new to this with AA, I am going to a natural dr. who has me on a cleanse, its been three months, a long time, but my immune system is so whacky that I have had reactions to the natural supplements they use to go with the cleanse. (so I take one a day instead of three) I feel personally that it has had something to do with my AA.   It all started in Jan. 2014, by March 2014 I had lost almost all my hair, just few straggly pieces.  Shaved/cut it down to crew cut so it would grow evenly, its slowly coming back, not all though.  Lost hair on legs (not a bad thing!), arms.  Still have facial hair.  Anyway I have bought the book:  THE PALEO APPROACH, REVERSE AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE AND HEAL YOUR BODY by Sarah Ballantyne, PHD.     Its a great book, read it, it explains alot.   She was a vegan before, she is not a total vegan now, she is also a scientist.   Great book.   Answers alot of questions.   She has a cookbook coming out in a month to go with this book.  

I had a salvia test, came back overwhelmingly that I had a reaction to most of the 96 foods on the list, some more than others, but I am now gluten free, dairy free.   I am off some other foods while on this cleanse.   They will slowly re-introduce them back into diet when I am cleansed.   I do not know if it will help with my hair loss or help it grow back, make me go into remission, but a part of me, believes that something made my immune system react( i had a lot of inflammation in my system).   I do already feel better mentally and physically from this change in my diet.  

I was vegan for many years and during that time, I developed AU. I experimented a few years ago with a raw vegan diet but experienced no regrowth.   Then, most recently,  my son developed several medical conditions including wheat allergy and I am now non celiac gluten intolerant.  We are glutenfree and I am still bald!



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