Appearently Garnett called a fellow alopecian a cancer patient. The media is really pressing the cancer part of it, but not bringing up alopecia at all! Anchors from ESPN news said its on the court and all is fair game, and that Charlie should not have told the media. Im very happy he told the media! He probably wants to get the word out there, that just because someone does not have hair, does not mean we have cancer!!! Thanks Charlie!
Another thing off topic, if a football player made a statement like that he would be fined a million bucks! Why is that?!

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Thanks for posting, I'm glad that someone else caught this! You GO Charlie! You made the right call! We got your back!! ;o)
Ok, so I found another article just now...

It says that he has AU, so they brought it up on MSN! And football is such a big thing...i dont know. it seems that eveyone involved with that sport is filthy rich, or crazy, gun-totin', shoot-myself-in-the-leg kind of at Plaxico Buress
OK, ok, wait a minute. I hope I haven't offended you in some way, I just dont really understand what you mean by someone being a jerk here...I was jokingly commenting on the situation in the NFL, where it seems to be much more craziness going on (ex. brett favre, plaxico buress, michael vick, etc...)

Its not like hockey players are any better than basketball players, I think its just that hockey is a sport where bodily contact, and bodychecking is a part of the game, and basketball is not. Hitting someone in the head with a stick results in a penalty, and if its a violent hit, even unintentional, then there is usually a suspension and fine....

Just saying, Im not really sure anyone in this thread has behaved like a jerk...
yea Im a lil confused by that statement too. I WENT to a sports channel...that would be the ESPN news part! What in the hell does this have to do with Hockey?! And hitting?!
My point was these sports channels are bringing up cancer like crazy, but alopecia isnt being mentioned, and that Im happy Charlie said something. Everytime he puts himself in the spotlight, it helps our cause.
As far as BB players...I could care less...dont even like the sport!
Here's a nice article about Charlie on ESPN:

Villanueva connects with kids through rare disease
Originally Published: February 28, 2007



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