How many alopecians have had vitamin deficiency testing & food allergy testing and what were the results? I am curious becuase I am considering having these two tests done. I have had my thyroid checked, blood iron levels tested, other seasonal allergies tested, etc. I have also went through several treatment options for my AA... I am starting to wonder if eliminating things that are trigers in my life would help with my AA.. ANY THOUGHTS????

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Hi Tracy,

I have had AA for 7 years and have had lots of blood work and have eliminated foods from my diet (wheat, dairy, corn, eggs, nightshade vegetables, alcohol and sugar.) My blood work was deficient in Vitamin D and that's it. I have been lactose intolerant for about 25 years, but I would still eat dairy every once in awhile. The short answer is I haven't seen a difference in my hair but I feel much better, so I am in it for the long term (with the diet). I also changed my multi vitamin to a liquid based one recommended by my doctor. I have only been on the plan for about 6 weeks (with a few falls) I think if any results are to show up it will be down the line.

So I wear a lot of hats and have just bought a wig...I am not giving up just accepting this is my lot in life.

Best of luck.

Hi Tracy,

I am trying a supplement called Trichotin - a high potency hair supplement. Im gonna give it at least 3 months chance and will report if anything positive comes out of it. As mentioned to Epo below...ive also read how closely related gluten allergies are to auto-immune diseases.

So im also staying off the gluten. Holding thumbs!!

Just curious to how the new supplement is treating you?

I have gotten a whole bunch of blood work done as well, like yourself, and my doctors have found nothing wrong except a slightly off (subclinical level) thyroid which they've been checking monthly. Other than that thyroid result, not sure what else could be triggering my AA except maybe stress and a bout of self induced malnutrition during the Fall of 2012 (very bad time for me).

Was wondering what the name of the celiac test was so that I can make sure to get it done if it hasn't already been done. I keep wavering on going gluten free, but if I am not sensitive to gluten, I am not sure I am ready to just willy nilly get rid of all my gluten products!

Hi Epo,

Ive done alot of research on the negative effects of Gluten and hows its closely related to Auto-immune diseases. So im giving it a go! Ive been off it for 10 days and they say it takes a few months for the damage in the gut to be rectified.

I also know that it hinders vitamin absorption so if we do perhaps have some sort of deficiency, staying off the gluten should help.

Holding thumbs!!!

Stacey Geddie.. I would really like to follow up with you in 6 mos or so time frame to see if your diet works better for you with your alopecia. I think diet could help.. Maybe not cure it.. But who knows.

I did a show called Colonial house where we had to eat the way the settlers ate in the 17th century. We ate lots of dried peas cooked with salted meat that we soaked the salt out of , whole oats, whole grain flour and water. Some codfish. Once august hit we had blueberries. We had only 5 prunes a week (I had more because I shaved the guys and they paid me with prunes. And we had egs, but not a lot. No sugar, preservatives, etc. It was the only time in years I didn't develop a spot. AT ALL. Not one strand of hair was lost and we were there for MONTHS. It was unusual for me. I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that we weren't eating junk, but also, I was sleeping regularly, and only worrying about simple things. I've also tried to look at what is in peas and oats and tried to eat those things.

I have unsuccessfully tried to recreate this; going back to school totally destroyed any balance and peace I had.
When I went to dental school I lost all my hair, it went from AA to AU. But when I was studying for boards IT GREW BACK. I realized I was on a regular schedule, and sleeping at te same time every night. I lost a lot of stress because I was so scheduled ad organized. The last thing I realized was, I wasn't drinking any alcohol. I'm not saying this is a trigger, but I AM saying it may be a stress reducer. It can be a proxy for how much stress I am bearing at the time. I think that organization (to reduce stress), sleep, water, and less crap might be helpful. I haven't gotten regrowth again in a while, but I am going to try to get these things under control then see what's what. I'm tired of not getting any dates!

My 11 year was diagnosed 6 years ago. He was recently tested for allergies - none. Also recently tested for iron deficiency. His iron was on the low range and the dr prescribed him an iron supplement. it does appear that his hair is now growing back. :)



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