Hi all,
I'm new here and this is my first post so i'm gonna dive in straight away. I have so many questions but i'll just start with the main one.

My name is Robbin, a 25 y/o female with Alopecia (male pattern baldness). This combined with thining and hairloss due to chronic illness and medical treatment.

The past 6 years i've been wearing partial hairpieces but the last year i noticed it's starting to rub me the wrong way. I'm annoyyed by my unnatural hairline. The moment my hairpiece is growing out (i use tape and microrings combo) you see that it's not my actual hair.
When I speak to peope that are not close friends they tend to look at my hairline when they speak to me instead of my eyes.
I get my hair done every 4 weeks but i would love to was my scalp on top myself and more often since i'm dealing with itches and sometimes it gets smelly.

All of this has already often put me to the point of wanting to shave off all that's left and just go bald and wear a wig when i feel like it, but i don't want to en up having a 'britney-moment' and wanna think this through.

Since i'm still quite young and I have no-one in my area that rocks a bald head or wears wigs I would love to get in contact with people that have experience with both wearing a hairpiece and going bald/full wig. Maybe i'm missing some pro's and con's on my list.

Looking forward to seeing your reactions :)

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I’m new to using a hair piece, just this past March.  Just wanted to let you know that what I found and I’m using is a hair piece that is glued to my scalp and the hair line is very natural looking, it looks like my own hairline.  If I can answer any questions for you let me know. 
Best of luck to you, 


Can you tell us about the hair piece you purchased? I have frontal fibrosing alopecia. Diagnosis was in 2011 with a small round loss of hair on my right temple. Now in 2022 it is receded behind both ears and well up into my scalp. I have also lost 99% of my eyebrows. I was on steroids for several years, but there was no change, so I went off the meds.

I would love to find a hairpiece or something covers the hair loss on the sides and where my bangs used to be...I would love to hear about the experience of others.

Thank you.



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