I have held onto the little bit of hair I have left and do not want to shave it just yet for 2 reasons: first, because I use the baby hair around my face to make my wigs look more natural, and second, because I cannot stand the thought of being completely bald... also, my boyfriend has accidentally let me know that shaving my head would NOT be cool with him (but that shouldn't matter... although I will have to admit that it does.. I don't want him to no longer be attracted to me!).

I've been at the beach/pool quite a few times this year already and have had to come up with excuses as to why I'm not getting my hair wet. I hate it!! I LOVE swimming, especially in the ocean, and it kills me to just sit on the beach and stare at the water. I've done some research and found thin skin/silicone caps, but they are all marketed to women with complete hairloss. At the moment I have no true way to bond my wigs and they are more or less just sitting on my head. If anything touches my scalp I absolutely flip out... and run to the bathroom to check if my wig has slipped back. I'm sure people have noticed this by now...  ugh!! I use a WigGrip and my Fortune wig has a comb in front, that's all I use to attach my wigs. I definitely cannot go swimming or my wig will simply float away.

Does anyone with hair left have experience wearing these? I would imagine it would work a bit like a swimcap, which don't seem to budge when you go swimming. But I can't understand why they are ONLY targeting women with complete hair loss.

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The first thing I want to say is with regards to your boyfriend and how limiting his personal behaviour is for you.  You didn't ask to have hairloss, so therefore it just isn't a choice.  To me your boyfriend is behaving like you have some sort of choice and you just don't.  What if all your hair does decide to leave....what will that mean to him???  You are a beautiful young woman and please don't let anyone tell you differently.

I'm not sure of the wigs that you have researched but they sound like freedom vacuum wigs...which I know a lot about.  The reason these wigs are focussed on those with extreme long term hairloss is because they work.  Ladies that have no hair at all need an option that is comfortable, secure and beautiful.  That is what Freedom Vacuum wigs are.  Medical grade Silicone is used in Freedom Wigs because it is practical, water vapour permeable, and secure...but you have to take away your hair or have no hair. Remember ladies with no hair at all have great difficulty finding an option that they can secure to their heads (as there is no hair to clip etc). 

I did notice that you said you like to blend your own growing hair into your current wig...you can do this with a Freedom Vacuum wig as long as the hair is outside the cap line.  But to be fitted you have to take away all of your hair and then you are able to grow the hair outside the Freedom Capline back.  This works well for those ladies that have female pattern thinning especially on the back hairline as they are able to put their own hair and the Freedom Wig very easily up into a ponytail.  I would really suggest that you talk to and Independent Agent about whether this could be an option that could help...it may not be, but really it will be worth your time to make the phone call.  

www.freedomwigs.com then go to the 'Contact us' page to see who is closest.

You can swim in a Freedom Wig, my daughter has worn them for years and she swims in hers every summer. :)

Hope this helps Laura...and tell that lovely boyfriend of yours that you can't help having hairloss and no matter what happens to your hair he and you  need to love YOU!


Thank you!! I have looked into Freedom wigs but again, at the moment I'm a bit afraid to shave my head completely and would hate to spend that much money on a wig that may not be a perfect fit in a few years. An example of a wig I am talking about it something like this one (which I would imagine isn't the best quality, but I would use it for swimming mostly I would imagine): http://www.aliexpress.com/item/16-inch-natural-black-Chinese-virgin...

Another wig I am looking at is this one: http://www.fortunewigs.com/hugger%E2%84%A2-full-handtied-silicone-g... <-- I love Fortune wigs and currently wear one as my every day wig. It's not nearly as expensive as the Freedom but it also doesn't have the same cap construction, but yet again it is marketed towards women with complete hairloss. I would love to know how the Freedom wig works for someone with extremely thin hair - when I say extremely thin, my hair is probably about the width of my pinky finger if not smaller when pulled back in a pony tail.

Hi Laura

It really depends on the person whether they can have a little hair under their freedom wigs...it also depends on how much hair they have. The other thing to realise to be fitted properly for a freedom wig you will have to shave the hair you have...and I fully understand you do not want to do that.

Good luck everything, I know this can be so challenging.



I say shave it and the boyfriend can just deal with it. If he loves you he'll stick around and get used to it. I found that wearing all kinds of wigs was soooo much better and easier when I had shaved my head. The only real practical drawback to shaving for me was that it irritated my scalp, but having a bit of fuzz is actually great for the wig to grip on to. Then you can just get a cheapish synthetic wig that is quite elastic and tight on your head and you won't have to worry. Or you could just swim bald... much easier!



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