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Wow many to you wear more than one wig or more for fashion reasons and not just to conceal baldness? Guys as well as the gals.

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Is it ok to say both? I mean one is out of necessity, but once I got used to it, I decided it could be more than just "need" and I wanted to make it fun. I guess it's like clothes..since you wear them every day, you pick stylish outfits you like. I started off shy and scared, but now I have fun with it, mix it up...I have even gone from long to short and back sometimes.  It took a LONG time to get here...but now I let it go that "OMG what if they think it's a wig" and feeling terrified all the time.  I showed up in purple for halloween, and a long time coworker asked me if I had dyed my hair!   I guess once you get back around to the place where you realize it's about YOU and not them, you can make choices. Have fun with it. Coordinate with your outfits!  Enjoy it, and it won't just be a "Need" any more :) You are aweosome!

(big smile) of course it can be both! Everyone has different needs and goals, so there isn't a single - one size fits all - approach. I'm just happy that you figured out what you wanted to do, and are doing it.

God bless,



I've grown back a head full of hair, with 3 stubborn bald spots covered with fuzz.  My SO says i should just wear my hair out now?  But even those the bald spots have fuzz on them?  I can still see them in certain light.

There's something that i'm learning on my journey. Some wigs can be the culprit of taking out your hair.  It's usually those cheap, crappy wig cap construction, heavy bulky wigs that slide around on your head.  I had to learn this the hard way.  

There are even expensive ill-made wigs that can cause the same problem.  I thought because they were expensive - that they were quality.  It wasn't the case.  I still had constant friction, on the scalp.  I also had serious painful, itchy, lumps on the scalp whenever i sweated.

I was told that Lace front wigs take your hair out around the edges?  Not really.  There are glue-less types.  Plus, you really don't have to use the synthetic bonding glue either.  There are a few alternatives people can use that are water resistant, and you just wash it off with soap and water.  (Got2beglue water resistant hair gel and freeze spray is my absolute staple).

I now, have the option of wearing my hair out or keep it in a protective style (2 goddess braids) under my wigs. 

Wigs are great for fashion as well as prosthesis?  But make sure that it's light, has a breathable cap, and no friction while wearing it.  

What material is the best for a wig, can you tell me please?

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It's difficult for me, as a male, to comment. In the world of men's clothing, the only distinction when shopping is size, and every coat or pair of pants can be had in most sizes. The only real exception is "Big and tall."

For ladies, on the other hand, have a very complex "system" and age seems to the main criteria. Apparently some garments are considered to be made for specific ages. We men don't have to deal with "Junior Miss" for example. Guys go into a store and if they have it in their size, they pay for it and go.

Could someone explain to me why it's a serious "no-no" for a woman to wear white after labor day? None of the women I've asked, knows why, but they just do it! 

It's somewhat similar with men. Over half the guys I went to high school with haven't changed their hair style since. They wander in to their barber, plop down $10.00 (more or less), and get a trim. 

Now most women tell me they couldn't live like that! They tell me they can't stand their bedroom being the same color after a few years! But age still seems to be a factor women's hair styles. Apparently, after a certain age, they aren't suppose to wear their hair long. I know women in their 50s and 60s who have long hair but wear it in a bun while at work. I've had gal pays in tears and traumatized if three or four inches are cut off of still pretty long hair, much less a serious cut from long to short. As for color changes - especially about gray - I don't even want to go there.

To get back to your question. Women, as well as men, can look good with a totally bald head. The number of women who choose not to wear a wig after losing their hair to alopecia or chemo while fighting cancer is growing. As is often the case, it's celebrities who are leading the way, and female bald models are becoming more common. A young lady with alopecia won thw Ms Delaware pageant and did well in the Ms America pageant. 

The bottom line is this. Regardless of your age, or the reason why you want to sport the totally bald look, you are going to find supporters and detractors. The main factor for how most people will respond is how YOU feel about your bald look. If you are happy, socializing then they won't won't be walking on egg shells around. When polite, nice people ask you the "why" question - look them in the eye, smile, and just tell them the truth. You'll find you'll have a lot more supporters than detractors if you do. No, not everyone is going to like it, but that's true if you go from being a brunette to a red-head, or from long to very short. NO ONE WHO LOVES YOU is going to stop being a friend, or being ashamed of you. If any do, it's because you didn't really have a relationship with you in the first place.

God bless you.


Thanks a lot Larry, it was very interesting to hear your thoughts! I wish you a good luck in your every beginning! Thank you once again!

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