Hi, I'm Japanese and lived in Japan.
My friend will get married to an American man.
She will have a wedding ceremony in Miami near Key West and I got an invitation for the ceremony. The ceremony will be held at the beach so that not so formal.
I am kind of alopecia and do not wear a wig.

I wonder I should wear a wig.
Most of attendees are American and groom's relatives.
I do not know manners of American wedding ceremony.
As you can see by my photo, I have a few hair.
If I attend the wedding as I am, will it make other attendees uncomfortable?

Please let me know what is better way.

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I think that the feelings of the wedding party and families are the ones to be considered. Have your friend ask the groom, and also ask what clothing. Please consider that a beach may be windy for hat or wig at this time of year.

My own feeling is that you use the alopecia to your advantage to be super modern and stylish with clothing, make-up and jewelry, but not out-shine the bride!
Thank you for your reply.

My friend does not know I am concerning about my hair because I have never expalined about my hair.

I did not notice the possibility of windy beach, I need to check it.
I may wear Kimono (japanese traditional wear) but not so heavy and very casual.
Of course not so vivid one.
If your friend does not know, maybe you could wear your hair the way she most knows and loves you, to make her comfortable and familiar with your look in her wedding photographs! The attention should be on the bride that day. Do you know how she feels about baldness in women, or having attention go to someone else?
I'm not sure what will she feel about my hair, so far she has accepted what I do.
when I became a friend with her, I was already bold. Even so she were willing to talk with me, I really appreciated that.

But what about American people feeling?
Do you think is it rude to attend the ceremony without wig?
Hello Momoko
My name is Pam, I have AU, last year I was in your situation. In my case the wedding was my niece's.
I telephoned my niece & asked her what she wanted, did she want me to wear my wig or come as I call it ah natural, as I am. My niece was wonderful she said I want you to be comfortable Aunti, most of all I just so happy your going to be here, wear what you want.
The opinion that counts is that of the bride & grooms.
I also think wearing a lovely kimono is a wonderful idea. You will look beautiful & not outshine the bride.
Please let us know how all turns out.
If I may say, you are a beautiful young woman, your smile is lovely, it truly shows your inner light.
Thank you for your sweet story.
Wearing wig will be more wonderful, but carring wig to the U.S will be taugh.
i can imagine that my friend will answer "Do not care, whatever you want."

But If I have chance, I'll talk with my friend and ask her fiance.
My brother just got married last month and I was in a similar situation. I have a wig that looks like my hair (when I had it) as well as a few bright pink ones. I also sometimes go bald. The night before the wedding the bride told me she was happy for me to wear whatever I wanted. She also told me that the color scheme of the wedding was pink so if I wanted to wear pink I would fit right in. So I wore the pink!
I don't think there is anything particular about Americans and wedding attire that you should worry about. Each wedding is different.
Have fun!
Thank you for your reply.
Bright pink is so good, I like it.

I think it's better to talk with my friend at first.
Then I need to check the weather in Florida.



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