Hi everyone,

So I'm 28, got engaged about a year ago, and new to alopecia. My hair started falling out about 6 months ago, and have since lost all the hair on my head, and noticed my eyebrows slowly thinning.

Mosty so far I have been wearing headscarves. I work in healthcare, one-on-one with my patients, and am on my feet all day - comfort is key, and co-workers and patients have all been great about it! I do have a short synthetic bob wig that I wear when we go out with friends, though. It's fine, but the hair isn't that nice to the touch, and I always feel a bit "not myself" in it. It feels bulky and course, when my hair is naturally quite fine, and was really long when it started to fall out.

To be quite honest, losing my hair while planning my wedding and life has really sucked the fun and excitement out of most things. I try hard to put on a brave and happy face in front of my incredibly supportive fiance, but I cry a lot just thinking about the wedding, and sometimes just wish it was over with.  I know that beauty isn't about hair, but I want to feel beautiful, and like myself again on my wedding, so I would like to invest in a good wig. And hopefully feel excited again by doing so.

Does anyone have any suggestions on wigs, or brands of wigs that can be styled nicely for a special occasion?  I've heard nice things about the brand Jon Renau, has anyone had any experience ordering wigs through them? I live in Canada and it's hard to find store locations for wigs unless ordering online.

Any suggestions help. Thanks so much everyone.


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Hi Sayde,

Enjoy your wedding planning and the people who are surrounding you at this time. 

If time permits, you may want to look into the Freedom Wig.  It is a custom wig that allows you to do great up-do's and style it anyway you wish.  The Freedom Wig is a vacuum wig that stays on without adhesives and you select the hair colour, density, curl pattern, parting and several other choices to make this wig look like you.  The Western Canadian representative for Freedom is Sandra Fournier of www.realityhair.ca and she herself has alopecia so understands your needs.

I am the Eastern Canadian Representative for Freedom and have been wearing the Freedom Wig for close to 6 years.  They are extremely comfortable and allow you to do various activities without worrying about your hair coming off unexpectedly.

I wish you all the best in your wedding planning.

Warm Wishes,


Hi Sayde

I have had a lot of wigs from Jon Renau, and can honestly say they are beautiful.  My son is being married in May this year and because it is in Italy I have been worried sick about the weather.  What happens if it is windy?  I have heard good things about the Milano Wigrip.  Can you get Raquel Welsh wigs on line in Canada?  My favourite is 'Star Quality'.  It suits all face shapes and looks great on all ages.  Good luck.

Best wishes to your upcoming wedding. Each one has the right for beauty even the one who has just lost his hair. And I found this online shop will help you if you want some human hair wigs, click here http://www.prettywighair.com. Just help yourself.



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